Friday, September 30, 2011

Missy Bon Bon in the City of Golden Friendship

My recent trip to CDO leads me to a new discovery & an instant favorite, Missy Bon Bon. Being a foodie made me fall instantly to Missy Bon Bon's wide array of pastries.
Backtrack to how I come to discover it, my sissy upon knowing I'll be passing CDO on my way to Camiguin, asked me for Missy Bon Bon's Ube Ensaymada. And being a nice sister, I tried looking for it, only to find out, I'll be falling to its spell. Missy Bon Bon is located at Limketkai Mall, CDO.
The Place is quint and cozy, especially with its interior's color palate, a girly girl would love to stay and relax in their place. I may be biased for loving its interiors because it plays around with my favorite colors; yellow & blue.

More than the place, its the taste that always makes me love a new food place that I get into. To die for are their cheesy sponge, soft, sweet and cheesy, its a perfect combination of the sweetness of yema like spread and the cheese grates outside......hmmmmm soo yummy.
Paying for my pasalubongs

Cheesy Ensaymada

Ordered my lunch

I drop by Missy Bon Bon just to buy pasalubongs, but I ended up having my lunch, the moment I reached their counter, wow, I dont know if I am just imagining it, but it seems so real. I have to have the Turkey Waldorf Salad and Chicken Ferinze. And again an offer I can't resist orange juice & blueberry cake.
Turkey Waldorf Salad

Chicken Ferinze

Blueberry Cake

By this time you might be thinking I am over with my food trip.....sorry but I have to try their gelato......wooooh, no words can describe their beer gelato, but I opted for pistachios & ferrero rocher gelato.
Choices, choose, chosen......


The chosen two.....

With a stomach full, yes I am ready to go home by now, 40 mins of Airplane ride, 20 minutes of taxi ride & 3 hours of Bus ride, I'll be home......Till my next food trip.

Cagayan de Oro City on a Budget

Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is a jump-off to a lot of interesting places in Northern Mindanao, for my Island of Fire trip, CDO again became my jump-off point. I arrived in CDO closed to midnight and I have to leave early the following day. D'Budgetel is the perfect choice, located at Corales Street, Cagayan de Oro, closest landmark is Gaisano CDO. Room rates are reasonable enough to all budget travelers.

The rooms are clean and well lighted, they also have dorm type accommodation with a common bathroom.

My place of rest for 7 hours

This is a place for budget travelers........

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UP Buddies Travel Diary: Guimaras Part II

Two years after we bid our goodbyes and take our own separate journey in life, I am back in Iloilo City for my sister’s graduation. Being back means seeing my U.P buddies again, this time we’re back in our favorite getaway Guimaras Island.
Armed with a map from Guimaras Tourist booth, without any planned itinerary, we are off to take our adventure.
First Stop: Daliran Cave

We have to walk about 20 meters to get to the cave, it’s not what I expected it to be. There’s a lot of vandalism inside the cave, maybe because there is not a single in-charge in the area that regulates the people going inside the cave.
Second Stop: Villa La Chesca

Our second stop, looks like we are just visiting a friend’s house. The only activity one can do at Villa La Chesca is swimming and some relaxing time at the patio.
Third Stop: Balaang Bukid

Every time I arrive in Iloilo City via Super Ferry, once I get a glimpse of the big, white cross a top the hill, I know I have arrived in Iloilo City. Finally I will be climbing it and get a closer look at the cross.
Fourth Stop: Makopo Falls

As indicated in the map, our possible next stop would be Makopo Falls, since it’s closer to our target destination for this trip Trappistine Monastery.
Makopo is a Hiligayanon term “to hug,” well seeing how the water falls so close to the cliff it is indeed makopo or trying to hug the sides of the cliff. 
Fifth Stop: Trappistine Monastery

Guimaras is known as the source of the sweetest mango in the country and here at Trappistine their mango orchard provides for all their mango delicacies, from jams to baked goodies. The most important thing I love about the place is the serenity it brings, as we silently sit amongst its pine trees.
That’s our Guimaras getaway, till our next visit.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guimaras: Five-days after our UP Graduation

Seven years ago, days after our college graduation, I explored Guimaras Island with my college buddies, this also serve as our farewell party, a despidida to each of us. As we all each are about to take on a separate journey of our life.
Jenny, Shannah, Jethsemae, Rosalinda and me, decided to explore the other side of the Island of Guimaras.
I can no longer remember the details of the trip, except that we took a van for about an hour, until we reach  Sabang Baybay.
Trivia: “baybay”- is an Ilonggo word for beachfront
Let me share to you our escapade, seven years ago;

Thanks to my ever reliable Canon Camera, can’t remember the model, it still uses film, my first ever camera that I bought from my savings out of my school allowance.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Davao City's Hiros Place

I was in Davao City to attend the Barangay Governance Seminar, and yes a foodie in me has to find something new. With my sister's suggestions to try "OKINOMIYAKI" and to find that secret food haven, I am off to find it. Together with my highschool friend, and my sister's instruction, we found it.
HIROS PLACE is like a small "turo-turo," but you will be surprised that it offers an authentic Japanese Cuisine. The foodie can't wait to take a bite of okinomiyaki, and yes curious to know what it looks like.
Meet OKINOMIYAKI, its like a vegetable omelet with a special mayonnaise on it, yes its Sumo style serving, I wasn't able to finish mine. The taste, its similar to the uber popular Takoyaki, and the price, so affordable.

Hiros Place is located just behind Ateneo de Davao . To more food finds.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cebu City: A Gastronomic Experience

Cebu City is known as the Queen City of the South and with my Cebu experience it is also the Queen in Gastronomic Delight.
Been to Cebu for a number of times, it being a jump-off point to many of Central Visayas' destinations. Let me share to you some of my gastronomic experience in Cebu City.

Gerry's Grill for Lunch
Located at Ayala Terraces Cebu, Gerry's Grill offers a variety of good tasting Filipino cuisine with a twist. My favorite is Binagoongan Rice......I can say "Rice palang ulam na." I am not so fond of bagoong but their Binagoongan Rice did change it all.
So evident being foodie runs in the blood
Top's for Dinner
Being a family of foodies, we drive all the way to Tops of Cebu, located in one of the higher points in Cebu, it is a strip full of restaurants and one get to have a 360 degree of Cebu. Perfect combination for a family dinner 

Gellatissimo at Ayala Terreces 
I admit I am an Ice Cream Addict, I can have it even in the middle of the night, whenever, whatever and with whoever, hahaha. Gellatissimo's gelato is one of the best I ever tasted.
Those smiles is enough to say it all....

Ocean Garden for Sissy's Birthday Dinner
It's a surprise for my sister, Me & Mama decided to go to Cebu for the 2nd time. My sister's choice for dinner is Ocean Garden, its indeed a garden of fresh seafoods. And they cook it exactly the way you want it.
Love their seafoods

SuToKil near Mactan Shrine
I got to try it, sutokil - sugba, tola & kinilaw, its a the famed three ways of cooking fish. After exploring Mactan Shrine in Mactan City.

Abuhan Dos for Dinner
Just across Plaza Hotel, its famed for the Sizzling Pochero. My verdict, the best I've ever tasted.

Abuhan Uno for Breakfast
Me & Mama decided to look around outside our hotel for a new good place to have breakfast. And just meters away from Abuhan Dos is Abuhan Uno. The place is quite discreet coz you have to pass by an "eskinita" to get there, it looks like a house, with many indoor plants. Its like having my breakfsat at home.

Mr. A for Dinner
I have an upset stomach that time, but I can't control digging in to the BBQ & Bulalo of Mr. A, simply the best.

How I wish we have this in Mindanao. Love those breads and its unique names, its worth the price.

To more food finds......

Monday, September 12, 2011

Agten Tufi Festival

Born and raised in Tupi, South Cotabato, but sad to say it is the only Foundation Anniversary that I attend. I have my reasons but I better keep it to myself, and this time, I have to attend it.
Tupi is known as the "fruit & flower basket of South Central Mindanao" and I feel so blessed to have live in this little paradise. It has best weather so to speak.
Agten Tufi is a celebration of Tupi's Foundation Anniversay, celebreted every 11th of September. "Tufi" is a B'laan term of betel nut,  B'laan is one of the major indigenous tribe in Tupi. Tupi got its name, its a story passed through generation to generation to every Tupians.
Let me share to you my Lolo Indo's version; During the American times, an American soldier asked a native of the name of the place, the native was then chewing a betel nut, thinking he was asked what he is chewing, the native answered "TUFI". From there "tufi" became TUPI, and now TUPI is a growing agricultural town in the province of South Cotabato. 


Welcome to TUPI
Faces of the 2nd Agten Tufi
The Revelry
A gastronomic feast, courtesy of Tita Ozie

Till my next festival......

Friday, September 09, 2011


Often, "the family that prays together, stays together," yes I grew up with that, but my parents have made it stronger because of our shared passion......TRAVEL. Our family motto "the family that travels together, stays happy together.
I was three years old the first time I rode an airplane going to Iloilo for my grandmother's wake, and that was also my first experience of traveling. For the next years, its a constant family vacations to Iloilo, my Mama's hometown. I'll always remember those 3 days, 2 nights ship ride to Iloilo, Mama used to make "puso" & cook adobong manok as our baon for the whole duration of our trip. 
I also love going to Zamboanga's barter center, every time the ship docks in Zamboanga City. Yes I have this love affair with Zamboanga, that up to this day I dream of visiting again and to document it this time.
TRAVELING, I say runs in  my blood maybe, I remember Lola Auring's tales of her travels to and fro Dadiangas-Manila in the heyday's of her Daddy Juan Mercado. My Lolo Pedro's ancestors and the story of the "Nolasco's Seven Brothers," who they say hails from Ilocos but choose to travel and live in Cebu, Iloilo, Negros and go as far as Mindanao. In addition to them is my Mama Dora, who bravely move to Mindanao from Iloilo after having her college degree. 
Let me share to you our family trips through the years........the WANDERLUST
Lake Agko, Ilomavis, Kidapawan, North Cotabato

Browie that time is only 1 year & 7 mos.
Kidapawan City
Metropolitan Clubhouse, Iloilo City
Lunch at Sud-an, Gen. Santos City
Sanduguan Shrine, Tagbilaran, Bohol
Dinner at Tops, Cebu City
Davao City
People's Park Davao City
Eden Nature Resort, Davao City

People's Park, night stroll
Big Family in Bagui, Ilocos Norte

Remember Regine Velasquez' DOT Campaign, here we are on our roadtrip to Ilocos Norte

In front of Ilocos Norte Capitol
These are some of our family trips and yes we want to explore the whole of Philippines before we get out of the country........