Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Queen City of the South on Mai Wanders' First Birthday

Off to Cebu City for my sister's 27th Birthday and Mai Wanders' 1st Birthday! Thanks to Mama Dora for booking this trip, a perfect way to celebrate my blog's first birthday.
Here is a glimpse of my two-days Cebu adventure;
Meet the Birthday Girl and her best birthday surprise
Sissy & Browie
 Dinner at Majestics Restaurant


Sunday Service at Bradford United Church of Christ Inc.

Lunch at District 50

A Visit to Rainforest Park

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Travel Date: July 28-30, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mai Wanders First Birthday!

Celebrated Mai Wanders' first birthday wandering in the Queen City of the South, CEBU!Started blogging July 28, 2011 with my Lakbayan Grade of C+.
After a year, here's my Lakbayan Grade!

My Lakbayan grade is B-!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dressed for the Battle

Truly blessed! That is what I feel after giving a Sunday Message in the Church. It was not the first time that I am speaking before the congregation, but it was the first time I felt My Lord and Savior is working in me. 

A Blessed Sunday Everyone!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ate Nene's Ivisan

I will play a little mystery, for now I will keep it a secret, who is Ate Nene. Romulo's flock, will never get tired of taking all modes of transportation available, just to get to their destination. From our early morning ferry ride (Bacolod City-Iloilo City), by 8 A.M., we're off to Capiz by bus, Ceres Transit.

We were suppose to go straight to Roxas City, but Ate Nene told us that her Nanay prepared lunch for us, and it's sea foods. Yummy, and how can we resist such a treat, so we asked the driver to drop us at Junction Ivisan.
Ivisan, Capiz is Ate Nene's hometown.

 Sea foods Feast.......

Food Monster.....


Adobong Pusit

Mama Dora, Me & Sissy

Ivisan Town Center

Infamous "Travel Time" Photo.....

Till our next visit.....
 It was a gastronomic experience for us. To Ate Nene thank you so much to you family's warm welcome!
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Travel Date: December 19,2012

Good More Earnings!!!

If you are my Facebook friend, you will read my morning post with this " Good More Earnings!"

Yes I stay positive every waking moment of my life. No more regrets for yesterday and No more worries for tomorrow, only the best for TODAY! I am also grateful that I am with a very positive and youthful people, my VMobile Family.
I am with VMobile for only a month now, and I can see that it is not just a business opportunity, it is lifestyle. LOL Lifestyle? It is, because in the world of Consumerism, we need to empower ourselves, CONSUMERS! We make the world of business grow, and so let us empower ourselves.
"This will finance all my travels"

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Php 1,000.00 Challenge in Argao, Cebu

Arrived in Cebu City from Iloilo City around 7 A.M., before taking a bath I asked my sister to accompany me to Tabuan Market to buy "danggit and squid rings." There I saw Argao's Tablea, when I asked how much it cost, it was a bit pricey, my sister then suggested why don't we go to Argao City. Hmmm and my wanderlust said right away......GO!
We did, but when we went to an ATM, Oh No! its says "Wrong PIN." I am a TRAVELER, not a TOURIST, I love taking risks and I know I can go far with only Php 1,000.00.
We went to Cebu South Terminal, paid terminal fee of Php 5.00 for two, me and sissy. Took the non AC bus to Argao City for Php 79.00 each.
Inside the Non-A.C. Bus on our way to Argao
  First stop, Argao Church, about 200 meters walked from the main highway is Argao Church or San Miguel de Archangel Parish. On the right side of the Parish Church is the Hall of Justice, across is the Municipal Hall, on the left side is the Municipal Hospital and on the center is the Plaza. Argao's center is reminiscent of a Spanish Pueblo, an old town, where everything in put in one place. Here we did not spent a single centavo as we walked around the Plaza. With a hungry tummy we saw a white board by a old stone archway, with a very Western Menu written on it.

 Curious and hungry, we knocked on their gate, thinking it was close on Sunday, we went around to the beach area where we saw children writing on the sand. I asked them if Baluarte de Argao is closed, and they told me it's open.

Here we had Cheese Burger and fries, two bottled water and 1 soda, it costs me Php 285.00. With a full tummy we walked towards their Tourism Office and have some photos by the Big Torta. 

 There we took a tricycle, main means of transport in Argao, to Argao Nature Park. Entrance fee is Php 5.00 per person, and we did the canopy walk for Php 10.00 per person.

With an extra time and money left, we went to Riverstone Castle, there we were transported back to the time of dragons and princesses with an entrance fee of Php 40.00 per person. 

We asked Manong driver to just wait for us. On our way back to Argao Poblacion, we dropped by a store selling Argao Tablea, I bought two packs for only Php 120.00. We asked Manong driver to bring us to Chitay's, here I paid him Php 100.00
A trip to Agrao is not complete without tasting the famous Torta, a baked cake with "bahalina," fermented coconut juice as its rising agent. I bought a total of Php 170.00 of Chitay's baked goodies.

We a wonderful experienced and pasalubongs, we are ready to bid Argao Goodbye. Bus back to Cebu City for Php 79.00.

Total Expenditures:
Terminal fee         -  P  5.00 x 2 = P   10.00
Bus Ticket                  79.00 x 2 =     158.00
Lunch                                             285.00
Tricycle (to Nature Park)                   16.00
Entrance Fee & Canopy Walk             30.00
Entrance at Riverstone Castle             80.00
2 packs of Argao Tablea                    120.00
Tricycle                                          100.00
Chitay's Goodies                              170.00
Bus Ticket                                       158.00
                                              PHP  1,127.00

I may have went above the budget, still it is worth the experience and thrill, this whole budget is for two people.
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Travel Date: July 1, 2012

Foodie Finds: "Buho" Pandesal

I always wanted to find a "hole in a wall" restaurants and foods. During my quick Iloilo City trip, I did found a hole in a wall food, and literally it is a hole in a wall. 
"Buho Bakery and Buho Pandesal," "buho" is an Ilonggo term for hole, that's how this place got its name. The owner sold their breads through a small hole on the wall.
Sorry for the blurry photo ( riding the sikad when I took this shot)

the Hole in the Wall
I have to thank Manong Sikad driver who willingly brought me to "buho." When I got there a morning jogger arrives and buy a pancho bread, but its was not yet available so she bought the famous pandesal. She told me to try the pancho, its very delicious. 
Buho Pandesal for 1.50 per piece
Not willing to wait, I opted for 5 pieces pandesal and gave Manong Sikad 10 pieces pandesal.
Buho Bakery is located in an alley between the block of Mapa Street and Ortiz Street. You can take a trisikad to get there easily.
Buho Pandesal Found and Tasted!!!
Travel Date: June 30, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Port of Toledo City, Cebu

 I am a wander lass, and I have a family infected with wanderlust. We left Cebu City South Terminal around 4:30 A.M., hoping to catch the ferry that leaves at 7:30 A.M., for Toledo City, Cebu to San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.
The whole of Romulo Nolasco's flock (Mama Dora, Me, Sissy Che, Lil Bro J and Cousin Miya) were wide awake by 3:30 A.M. And off for a two hours bus ride through the winding roads of Cebu City - Toledo City Highway. It was raining hard in Cebu City when we left, but for us, that can't stop us from traveling.

Along the way we passed by Atlas Mining and Development Corporation in Don Andres Soriano.

After two hours, we are here in the Port of Toledo City. It is a 2nd Class City in the Province of Cebu. It is formerly known as Pueblo Hinulawan in 1861, and became a City in January 6, 1961.
Welcome to Toledo City
Lighthouse beside the Ferry Terminal
When we arrived at the ferry terminal, we saw bags everywhere and passengers waiting inside and not one of the three ferry ticket booths were open, except that I see written notices saying, "Ferry Cancelled Until Further Notice from the Coast Guard." Typhoon Sendong is taking its toll in the Northern Mindanao and some parts of Visayas.
Not even typhoon can stop us, what will a family of travelers do? 
Stroll by the baywalk and enjoy the crushing waves.....

Love this photo: Sissy, Lil Browie & Me

Eat breakfast

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Travel Date: December 17, 2011