Friday, September 28, 2012

Salvaro Along the Winding Road of Negros Occidental

The bus doors open, passengers going down to take comfort in the public restrooms on the side of the road. And here came, the Manongs & Manangs, selling junkfoods, softdrinks, boiled eggs & salvaro. WOOOOOH WAIT I GOT TO TRY THAT SALVARO!!!!
 There I go, called Manong Vendor, I got I salvaro for only P10.00. It looks like “teren-teren,” (if you’re from Iloilo, you know it), wrapped in plastic.

 Shared it with sissy & Coz Miya, they were both surprised when they saw it because in Cebu, salvaro is a round and hard bread.

I found it very Filipino, because I can really taste the “tuba”, used as a rising agent instead of baking powder, that Pinoy’s ingenuity. Overall it taste good and made us full for the 3 hours bus ride from San Carlos City to Bacolod City. I am sharing some of the best scenery on this road trip.

Mai’s Lessons Learned:
Ingenuity makes a difference. I baked a lot and access to supermarkets & stores is easier so I get to use commercial rising agents on my baked goodies. While those Manongs & Manangs of Negros used “tuba”, is a wine extracted from the sap of unopened coconut bud, which is abundant in their place. That ingenuity becomes a source of income for them.
Travel Date: December 19, 2011
Travel Buddies: Papa, Mama, Sissy, Lil’ Bro & Coz Miya

Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Overnight Stay at O Hotel, Bacolod City

Straight from Bacolod City South Terminal, we went to O Hotel to checked-in and leave our things before taking our lunch.
O Hotel is located in San Sebastian Street, Bacolod City. We did not plan where to stay in Bacolod, the moment we get in, I asked Manong Taxi driver to bring us to a nice, clean & affordable hotel.
Well I was not disappointed, from the lobby I can see that it is well kept and the front desk staff were accommodating. We got a double room for the 6 of us, for P2,050.00.
Got two beds; Right bed - Papa, Mama & Bro & Left Bed - Me, Sissy & Coz Miya

I am very particular with a very clean toilet & bath, simply because it is where you get to recharge and refresh after every trip. And O Hotel, gave me that.
At the Lobby of O Hotel at 4:00 A.M, checking out
I highly recommend yo check out O Hotel when you visit Bacolod City. We stayed less than 24 hours in this hotel, but I can say we were able to get a good rest for our next destination.
Travel Date: 12:00 N.N. December 18- 4:00 A.M. 19, 2011
Travel Buddies: Papa, Mama, Sissy, Coz Miya & Lil' Bro

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cafe 1925......FALSE ALARM

If you read my Negros Adventure with my family, you'll know that there is only one Bacolod sweets that I am dying to take a bite......NAPOLEONES.
First stop, El Ideal......duh "wala sila sina, basi sa Cafe 1925, dira sa pihak kalye, ang kanto bangko, direstso lang makita nyo na ang pangalan."(the beauty of language)

With much excitement, we walked around and YES! CAFE 1925, tucked among the bougainvillea shrubs. The door itself, can make you curious what is in store for a foodie like me. WOW to my surprise, it is a quaint cafe, with its small space full all smiling customers, I bit something good is here. I went to the counter and I saw delectable desserts.............HUHU I don't see a flaky dough with white frosting, checked the desserts names......HUHU again none was named NAPOLIONES. I still kept my hopes high, and happily asked the waiter if they have NAPOLEONES.....and he said, " Wala kami sina, basi sa EL IDEAL." WHHHAAAAAAAT? That's why we're here, because they said you might have it! (anyway I did not make a scene there, I gratefully said thank you and leave)
Travel Date: December 18, 2011

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Late Dinner at Kusina Selera

Attended John Calub's  ATTRACTING WEALTH seminar with Mama, it ended around past 10:00 in the evening. So dinner, dinner, where will it be, that's the first thing I Mama asked me, so told her that if we walked from CAP Building to our  hotel, I am sure we can find a place to eat.
We did, while crossing Pelayo St. I saw Legaspi Suites, and within the compound, there were tables around and I told Mama that we check it out. And the moment we get there, a SELERA word is written on a glassed facade. With hungry tummies the first thing we asked the waiter if how many minutes would it take our orders to be cooked, fair enough, we are the only customers that time, because it's quite late for dinner then. 

Our order came 10 minutes after. Since it was only me and Mama, we just ordered;
 2x Cooked Adobo for P250 (good for two)

Curious with the name, 2x cooked adobo is a pork & chicken adobo, it is first grilled then cooked into an adobo. I loved how tender the meat is and it tasted like our adobo at home. The plus factor with KUSINA SELERA's adobo is the crispy thinly sliced garlic and thinly sliced "itlog maalat" toppings.

Another PLUS is the interiors, which makes the place very cozy and relaxing. 

It is  good for two they say, but for me, it can even go for 4 people. After dinner we asked them to wrapped our leftover rice and adobo, so that we can be blessing others, if we see angels along the sidewalks of Pelayo St.
Where to find?
Door 9-11, Paseo de Legaspi
Pelayo St., Davao City

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Have I Ever Baked for You?

Been reading The Kris Aquino Magazine's SAVOR LIFE - The Special Recipe Issue and I totally agree with her that; "Food is Love, and the act of cooking is the perfect expression of love."
Baking these flower cupcakes......started Passions Cupcakes
Yes, I baked and sell my goodies, but I do baked for free, only for people I loved. You read right only for people I loved, if at one point you've got to taste my baked goodies, then I may have love you.HAHAHA
Chocolate Moist Cake w/ Peanut Butter Frosting and Floral Brownies

Ube Cupcakes

Apple Walnut w/ Vanilla Ice Cream......YUMMMMMY

As looked back, I baked in almost all of my family's special occasions and to a number of people whom I can say have a special place in my heart. LOVE is PATIENT and in BAKING you need PATIENCE, you must have been special to have tasted those baked goodies of mine......

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Balay Negrense……a Picture of a Splendid Past

I have to try my skills in persuading Papa to spend the remaining of our afternoon in Bacolod City to visit Silay City. I have to enumerate places of interest and how long it would take us to go to Silay for him to say; “OK let’s go.”

It was a Sunday, so we keep our hopes high that the Ancestral House is open to public. The Gaston Ancestral House is one of the heritage houses inscribed by the National Historical Institute in the City of Silay. It is the ancestral mansion of the Gaston's converted into a lifestyle museum, that showcases the life of Negros' Sugar barons.

The house looks so regal as it stands in the center of the Gaston Property. There something so surreal with the house that, in its simplicity in architecture a sense of grandeur exudes.
The best way to show how Splendid the Gaston Ancestral House is through the photos we took around.

Too much photos, but it's best way of telling you how splendid the life of  Negros' Sugar Baron.

To More Mai Wanders!!!!!
Travel Date: December 18, 2011

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Diin ang El Ideal?.........ah e-li-dyal, Dira Lang sa Highway

Woooh, got caught on that, Me and Sissy were out looking for the infamous Napoleones of Bacolod, and I don't know where we got the information that El Ideal of Silay City is one of the best.

 While in Silay we asked a local where to find El Ideal, it took him a while to respond, he said; " Ah e-li-dyal(how they pronounce it), dira lang sa main highway sa kanto gid."
It's right along the National Highway, that when you walk on the supposed street side, you are walking  on the National Highway itself.
El Ideal is a restaurant famous for their "Guapple Pie" and not Napoleones. We made a quick stop, bought some goodies while Bro, Papa and Mama ordered batchoy. While they were having their snacks, we didn't stop for our search of Napoleones of Bacolod.
The Famous Guapple Pie......failed to get one during our visit

El Ideal is a bakery and refreshment, considered to be Silay's Original Bakery established in 1920. It is located in the ground floor of Cesar Lacson Locsin Ancestral House and is one of Heritage Houses inscribed by the National Historical Institute.

Mai's Lessons Learned
  • Best not to be over O.C when planning a trip. It makes travelling more exciting! Make room for your own experience and not be a copycat of someone else's travel.
  • Take your Time. Unless you are in the Amazing Race that finding something first will make you the first team to arrived and have an exciting prize, remember it is your own trip, take time savor the place you are in.
If I have been so OC in planning it, I would know that I will never find that Napoleones in Silay City, but if I did, I will never find another interesting Cafe.(you'll read about it on my next post)
I learned that if I took more time in El Ideal, I would have tasted their "Guapple Pie," which was featured in most of the National Newspapers.

More Wanders means More Learnings. I am a Student of Life.
How to get there:

Located in 118 Rizal St., Silay City, Negros Occidental, along the National Highway. Tel. No. (034) 495 4430