Friday, October 26, 2012

The Roxas President's Inn....Homey & Relax

I always have this in mind, "if ever I will visit Roxas City, I will stay at The Roxas President's Inn, room rates is not a question," because I've decided I will stay there.
December 20, 2011, being in-charge of our itinerary, Mama & Papa, did not question when  I said we will stay at The Roxas President's Inn. 

When we got there, the staff were very accommodating, that they showed me some of their room before deciding how many rooms to get. 

Me, sissy, & miya had the Magsaysay Suite and Papa, Mama & Browie the Quirino Suite, but then Browie ended up sleeping with us.
We were there during the Christmas Season, and the hotel just exudes a very merry, merry Christmas. It's interiors decorated with a mix of indigenous and western decors creates a feeling of just being at home.

THUMBS UP for cleanliness!!!!! the first thing I check in a hotel room is the bathroom, and here I can assure you a fresh smelling and clean bathroom. 
THUMBS UP for the bed!!!! It shouts comfort & good sleep, when I say good sleep, its an uninterrupted sleep & waking up with a big smile. I did have that very early.

THUMBS UP for the strong WIFI service!!!! Fast connection matters, not for posting updates but for checking in and searching more places of interest.
Our stay in The Roxas President's Inn, is the best, staying true to its name. It got the elegance of the title that the highest elected official of our country carries with.
Travel Date: December 20, 2011
Rizal St. corner Lopez Jaena St., Roxas City.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tricycle Experience in Roxas City

Beside being the Seafood Capital, Roxas City, is known for their tricycles that can accommodate 15 - 20 persons per trip. 
Me & Miya Bird
On this trip I saw angels everywhere, and among them were strangers in the city of Roxas.
From Ivisan, Capiz, we took a jeepney to Roxas City, we got down from the city entrance and took a tricycle. Me, Papa, Mama, Sissy, Lil Bro & Miya, all six of us to The Presidents Inn.
On our way, while we were about to cross the bridge that connects to the city center of Roxas.....shheesssssss.....FLAT TIRE!. The super nice manong driver told us to wait, he will have it vulcanized in the nearby shop. 
While waiting....

Do you think these whole pack can blow a tire's interior?LOL

While crossing the bridge, we were almost at the other end when there is another hissing sound, soo sorry for him, his tire's interior blow, huhu.
He made a stop in the nearby store, and told us that he will let us ride another tricycle and even told us we need not pay him. Indeed an angel, but Mama insisted on giving him more that what we have to pay for.
Then came another tricycle, told him we're going to the Presidents Inn, we then realized that its just one block away from where we stop. And when Mama is about to pay, Manong driver said No, the place is so near our ride is free. Again an ANGEL, Mama gave him a hundred pesos bill and told him, "PASKWA KO SA IMO."(my Christmas gift for you) he smiled and said "SALAMAT GID."
Mai's Lessons Learned
WATCH FOR ANGELS and BE AN ANGEL. Being a subject of an angelic deeds makes one realized how beautiful our world is. With little good deeds we can all make the world a better place to live. Like our two Manong tricycle drivers in Roxas City,simple yet they made our family vacation more meaningful.
Travel Date: December 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall in Love with IMAYS Bangus Kare-Kare

They say one of the best way to know a place is through its food. And Bacolod City got the best when it comes to food choices.
Dinner during our family trip to Bacolod City is at Imays Bar & Restaurant. It has a very resort feel ambiance. We were so hungry that we ordered right away and when our food arrived, it was heaven.

We had; Kinilaw, Chopsuey, Chicken Binakol & the Best ever Bangus Kare-Kare I have ever tasted!

Being an Ilongga, Chicken Binakol is not new to me, Mama cooks it during Sunday Lunch at home. But IMAYS Bangus Kare-Kare is the best, very creamy with a right amount of sweetness & saltiness.

How to get there:
IMAYS Bar and Restaurant is located at 6th Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

Travel Date: December 19, 2011
Travel Buddies: Papa, Mama, Sissy Che, Browie & Miya

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From the City of Smiles to the City of Love

It's our family's  4th day on the road, at 4:30 A.M, we were in Bacolod City Ferry Terminal, waiting for our ferry ride to Iloilo City.

We were in Bacolod City in less than 24 hours, but from the look of Papa, Mama, Sissy, Lil Bro and Cousin Miya, exhaustion got no room within them. So full of energy that waking up  and taking a bath early is not problem.

Supercat ferry terminal

Bacolod City stays true to being a city of smiles, from our cab driver a day before, who willingly toured us around Silay & Talisay. To the people we met, a smile is always there. But more than that, it put a smile to everyone's face in our family.

Now we are going back to a place we once called home, Iloilo City. Me and my sister stayed in Iloilo for 4 years, I went to UP Visayas and took up Business Management, while she took up BS Biology at Central Philippines University.

Iloilo is a city that taught us to loved each other as sisters, friends & enemies. The patience and humility extended, all for love. 
We say GOODBYE to the City of Smiles & WELCOME to the City of Love.

Along Lacson Street Bacolod City

Lacson Street is one of the two main roads of Bacolod City; Lacson to the North & Araneta to the South.
Our search for the elusive NAPOLEONES continues that evening at Lacson Street. First we we explored Negros Provincial Capitol, people watch & photo ops. 

Then we walked the a fraction of Lacson Street, around 3rd Lacson to 21st Lacson. At 21st Lacson St. is Cafe Bob's.

Long before Starbucks, Bacolod City have Cafe Bob's. 
Finally at Cafe Bob's we found NAPOLEONES. It is a flakey  pastry with custard filling, topped with sugar glazed.

Aside from Napoleones we feasted on:


Monday, October 15, 2012

An Experience to Remember: Sitio Dlumay a Big Reveal

Why would I spent more than a day walking just to be in this place called Dlumay? Maybe because it is part of my job description; to access far flung communities. But I know the very reason is out there, waiting......
Let these photos introduce you to Sitio Dlumay

A few months after, more activities were conducted. 2012 Bayanig Pilipino, Dr. Cagape continue to extend feeding programs and free medical assistance to most of the sitios.
A Provincial paid teacher is now assigned in Sitio Dlumay.

Friday, October 12, 2012

An Experience to Remember: Breakfast at Sitio Datalnay

From 5:30 A.M. to 8:00 A.M., we were walking without breakfast yet. Finally, after more than two hours of we finally saw another community, Sitio Datalnay.
Here we bought vegetables from the community; green round eggplants made into eggplant omelet. And while waiting, I put my backpack on the ground and viola......I was snoozing.....

More to Come....

An Experience to Remember: A True Test of Strength

I am not athletic, all I have is my passion to reach out that made me last on this adventure. 
Waking up early is never a problem with me, being a morning person makes travelling a lot easier. And on this activity, time is of the essence, we have to get to the venue on time, to do all the planned activities.
I slept with Ma'am Beth, Tata & Borgy on the second floor of one of the houses in Sitio Klarat. And we were the first ones to wake-up & it is our duty, me & Ma'am Beth, to lead the TEAM.
We had fun waking-up the others, we asked 1st Lt. Valenzuela to lend us some of their guns.
Who wouldn't wake up when you see this

Add caption
Rested, we are now off to a more challenging route, this time uphill climb, some parts looks like a canal, that only horses can pass through.
Let this photos tell you the story;

Much needed stop, before we again work our leg muscles, to stop us from rolling, we are getting down to the other side of this mountain

KUDOS to ME! I was able to climb it, it is the highest point in this area. I can see the white spot from the distance, the Sarangani Provincial Capitol Compound.
More to Come.....
Date: April 14, 2011