Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bunawan is Not All About Lolong

Nowadays, when one speaks of Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, Lolong comes to mind. But there is more to Bunawan, it is not just Lolong.
As you enter the Municipality of Bunawan, you will be greeted by the arch, Welcome to Bunawan the Home of Lolong. Yes it is true that Lolong brought economic activity in the area, but with my post I want you to see that there is more.
As we go through the rough road to Bunawan Eco-Park, we passed through Calamansi Plantations. I find it very enchanting, it is like a mini forest, out of fairy tale. 
Sorry for the blurry photo,moving vehicle and a bumpy ride.......

Inside the Eco-Park, just a few meters down from Lolong, is Masapya Falls. The place is perfect for ME time  moments, sitting by the stream and listening to the sound of nature.

And of course Lolong, if not for the biggest crocodile, the Eco-Park would not be there. Officially the biggest crocodile in captivity, and I know Lolong is the Guinness holder, but I was not amazed by it when I got to take a glimpse of the "biggest croc in the world." I didn't get the same amazement the first time I meet Davao Crocodile Park's Pangil.

I'm here......

Is that you Lolong?
Getting to the Eco-Park is easy with lots of signage within Bunawan, you will surely find your way around. And I know Bunawan got more than what I have seen. Explore more than I did. 
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Travel Date: April 18, 2012
Travel Buddies: D' Group

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Morning Tagum City!!!

Waking up to unfamiliar place is nothing new. It's like an overnight on board Superferry back then, I leave General Santos morning and the next day I'll wake up seeing the islands of Negros & Iloilo.
On this 3 days & 2 nights family trip, waking up and seeing those palm lined highway is a breather telling me, "I AM BACK." I am definitely back in the world of wandering.
Good Morning Tagum City

We leave our house around 2:30 A.M, arrived in Tagum City around 5:30 A.M. It is the only stop we had in Tagum City, breakfast at Jollibee.

The first thing that made me smile, those yellow round shaped concrete along Tagum City's sidewalk. Hmmmm, I just love yellow, such a happy color and it is giving me a sign that it will be a memorable family trip.
Travel Date: April 18, 2012
Travel Buddies: Mama Dora, Browie, Ma Net, Ta Ming, Miya, (D'Group)


Thanksgiving is a North American holiday, celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November, rooted in English tradition dating form the Protestant Reformation.
Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving with prayers and thanks for all the blessings we have. In our church Thanksgiving coincides with the Church Foundation Anniversary. It is celebrated by bringing offerings and after the church service the church will have its communal Sunday Lunch together.

And Tupi, being Beautiful & Bountiful, most of our offerings for thanksgiving are fruits & vegetables. But what made this Thanksgiving more meaningful were the 5 new church members confirmed. More than the material things that we came to offer it is the life that we souls that we bring back to our Lord matters most.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Cool Down Friday

It was a hot Friday afternoon in Koronadal City. I did my groceries for the coming week orders at KCC Mall. And as promised to Browie we will have a Halo-Halo after his exam.
While waiting for Ate Nene and Browie, I went to Booksale, it is a super sale book store of second hand books and pocketbooks. It is one of my favorite places, I love to read but I don’t splurge on books, most of my books are from Booksale.

  I browse through mountain of books, until I came in lower shelves where I spot the NAME – James Patterson. And the first thing I checked the back cover and look for this price, WOOOH another Php35.00 James Patterson’s The Midnight Club. I don’t have it yet on my JP collection, and so goodbye 35 pesos & hello JP The Midnight Club.

And now it’s Chowking Halo-Halo Time. I ordered 3 regular Halo-Halo for Php 69.00 per serving, a perfect way to cool down in one hot afternoon.

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Rosal Beach Resort and Sarangani Roadtrip

To any Southerner, haha, I mean someone from Southern Mindanao, when one speaks of Glan, Sarangani, it means white sand beaches. Sarangani Province is cut in the middle by the City of General Santos City, Glan is situated on the eastern side of the province. Glan is an hour drive from the General Santos City.
Rosal Beach Gumasa's Sunset

Rosal Beach Resort is located at Brgy. Gumasa, Glan Sarangani, near Adarna Elementary School. It was a weekend and we got to the resort around 4 in the afternoon without any reservation, we ended up staying in an open cottage. Good thing that we brought with us two tents; for Mommy Honey & her two boys and for preggy Jen & Khalil. While the four of us sleep in the cottage.

 It was a great catch up moment for us, especially we bumped with our high school English teacher Sir Carlo Melendres.
We prepared our dinner and breakfast, the resort have a mess hall, where guest can cooked their food.


Notre Damean Girls with Sir Carlo Melendres
We leave the next morning, but we made sure to stop by Brgy. Kapatan for its scenic view of Sarangani Bay and the City of General Santos.

Must do before taking a trip to Gumasa;
  • Look and book a place to stay beforehand. To save time from going from one resort to another. 
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Travel Date: April 14-15, 2012
Travel Buddies: Justine, Jeny, Maritoni, Jennifer & Khalil, Honey  with her kids

Sunday, November 25, 2012

5 Star Resort in Gumasa?

Yes, there is, it's the name of a resort in the so called secret cove of Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province. Gumasa is know for its white sand beaches, but 5 Star Resort is something I have not heard of.
WOW....not as crowded as the other resorts in Gumasa
It was an impromptu summer getaway for me and my high school classmates, Jennifer is having a baby and she wanted to have a preggy photo shoot. And it's a great way to again catch up with old friends. 

Titin and Honey suggested 5 Star Resort, a new and quite unknown resort in Gumasa owned by the Morales' of Glan. The only instruction they got is; the resort is on the same way as Isla Jardin, a more popular resort, before entering Isla Jardin, turn right on a discreet rough road along the fishponds. We did as instructed, and VIOLA! we are in a more private resort, with its cottages and beautiful cove.

Well we can stay there, except that, there was a group that booked the resort. The owners said that they have available cottages for us and being Titin & Honey's distant relatives they would love to have us. But we find it better to look for another resort for safety reasons.
Morales meets the Morales
I would love to go back and stay here at 5 Star Resort.
Travel Date: April 14, 2012
Travel Buddies: Titin, Jeny, Justine, Jen & Khalil, Honey & her two boys; Momot & Sean

Friday, November 23, 2012

An Afternoon Break at SM City General Santos City

Up and working by 3 A.M, 120 chicken empanada and banana cake slices to be baked and prepared. Thanks to my ever reliable Ate Nene, who helped me out in putting it in brown bags and to Papa who willingly delivers my orders. Everything was done before noon.
In the afternoon, I met with my good friend Tin Pantua in SM Gen.San., its a good way to take a break from a very physical morning of rolling out empanada dough, hahaha. We had late lunch of Chicken Burger & Fries at KFC.

While looking around at shops and boutiques we saw this tall fuchsia & violet Christmas Tree at the center of the Atrium. We are like kids who took their photos with it, but we did feel like that, giddy & happy, seeing those bright colors around that tall tree.

As we went around, I found another adorable stuff, Women's Memory Foam Slippers, it is so soft, just perfect for my tired feet, I got one in pink. I even got a 10% off for having SM Advantage Card.
soooooo soft & comfy

It was indeed a great break from a long day that I got, seeing a happy tree & having a comfy slippers, it's a BREAK!