Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Little Browie's Social Life

Been doing a lot this weekend and one of it is playing chaperon to little Browie. He is one of the 7 Balloons  to Sharmaine's 7th Birthday. Asked who is Sharmaine, he is quick to say "my BFF. 
And being the ever supportive ate, Me and Miya Bird accompanied him to the party. At first he was a bit shy to play around with his girl classmates because he is the only male classmate who came and had a part on the program.
Getting the balloon......and
fast as a light.....
he is back.....didn't capture him giving the balloon to Sharmaine
It was a pretty party with purple and pink pompoms around their garage and garden. Small but pretty venue for a 7th Birthday Party.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mama Dora's 57th Birthday

Mama Dora, the name we all love and the name we all become, the explorers. Her bravery to leave her hometown in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo to work and live for good here in South Cotabato is the one of the many adventures she had.
Mama Dora's 57th birthday, is a candle blowing affair. Started with Browie's craziness to let Mama blow a candle on a "Bibingkang Kanin," she brings home one afternoon.

Next is during breakfast on the day of her birthday. A flower cupcake with a pink candle. Breakfast was prepared by Sissy; Grilled Pork in Herb Pesto Butter, Chicken with Shitake Mushroom and Kung Pao Pasta.

The third one is on her birthday lunch celebration itself. And I am proud to say, I made her "Flower Power cupcakes." I baked a cheese cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with marshmallows petals.

Praying for more birthdays and celebrations to come. And more travel adventures with Mama Dora!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Old and The New in Koronadal City Food Scene

Sissy and Maya are home. And as requested by Browie, we will be the "sundo" for the day. We get to Marbel, the old name of Koronadal City, before lunch. Sissy went to see her high school friend first, then we went to have a day of eating and discovering what's new in the city.
  • Chicken House
One of the newest in Koronaday City food scene, is just a few months old, located along General Santos Drive, is a branch of one of the original chicken houses in Dadiangas, now General Santos City. 
Chicken House is my to go to place when I crave for Garlic Chicken. And for our lunch we had; Half Garlic Chicken for Php 115.00, 3 Mountain Dew for Php.60.00 and a Platter of Garlic Fried Rice for Php50.00. The Garlic Chicken is still the best local chicken dish in SOCSKSARGEN for me. I used to order boxes of their Garlic Chicken back then. Nothing have change with its taste, the garlic and the sweetness of its sauce is a perfect marriage to the crispiness of its chicken. That was lunch.
Milk tea craze is everywhere, and Koronadal City, has its share to this craze, Mr. Tea.  We had; Hazelnut, Wintermelon and Honeydew each for Php 50.00. I've tasted a number of Milk teas in Cebu City, and I can say that Mr. Tea can go at par with it. And it did stays true to being the tastiest Milk Tea in Koronadal City.
Mr. Tea is located beside Christ the King Cathedral along Rizal St. corner Roxas St. When in Koronadal and you crave for some Milk Tea, do try Mr. Tea.
  • Trishas Burger Station
It is one of the old burger joint in Marbel. Back then birthday treats to my classmates would always be at Trisha's. With Jollibee and gourmet burger around, its fun to once again have a taste of Trishas. A regular Trishas Cheese Burger is price at Php 32.00 only. It is located along Alunan Avenue, right next to SMRAA.
  • Casa Polo's Crispy Chicken Skin and Botchi
These save us a lot of "baon" back then
One of our favorite "tambayan" during highschool days, a piece of fried chicken then goes a long way. But what Me and Sissy want to try again is their Crispy Chicken Skin and Botchi. Sinful and tasty as ever we bought 3 pack of each for Php 10.00 per pack. Casa Polo is now Juneby's, just a few steps from Trishas.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chicken Dance:Sunday Lunch at Max's

It is my first post on Chicken Dance. I called this series Chicken Dance because my siblings (Sissy & Browie) becomes giddy and they both start a "kilig" dance similar to those cute chicken movements, every time they taste yummy food. I am not a food blogger nor a food expert. I just want to share to you our chicken experience around SOCSKSARGEN, the Philippines and the world!!!!!!
And all my chicken quest is with Sissy or Browie or both of them. And for our first it is at Max's. Max's first and only branch to date, is at SM City General Santos.
For this Chicken Dance, we have Mama with us. After attending a Sunday service, were off to Gen. San. to buy for Browie's graduation attire. Lunch is at Max's all three of us choose the their Basic Meal. A combination of Max's quarter Fried Chicken, a choice of newly-steamed rice, with Caramel Bar and a glass of Iced Tea all for Php 181.50 only.

Max's is known for their fried chicken. It is so juicy.And it got a Chicken dance from Browie. We all felt so full after our lunch. Our Max's experience is indeed "Sarap Kapiling."

More Mai Wanders!!! 

The Remaining 16 Hours in Malaybalay City

Malaybalay City during our visit was bursting with activities for Kaamulan celebration. But we preferred to just stay in our room at Pitcher Plant Farm for the remaining hours we have in Malaybalay. And what to do inside our studio room;
  • Have an afternoon Coffee

Did I say coffee at the farm is overflowing? Well it’s complimentary according to Volker, since we had coffee for breakfast I thought I would be paying for the next coffee, but it’s free. He even gave us extra sachets for the next morning. There is no corkage at the farm, so you can freely cook and bring food inside your room.
  • Play with Pitchers

Fascinated, that is how I felt after learning about this insectivorous plant. Our dining table has a pitcher plant vase, hmm, don’t you worry these pitchers were cut for the purpose of providing more food and growing space for the new pitchers. No plants were harm, mature pitchers can be cut and put in a vase with water. 

  •  A Little Birthday Celebration

It is a birthday trip , candle blowing is must. All three of us blow the same cute little pink candle, that is travelling on a budget. haha. We bought our chocolate moist cake from 
  • Pictorial

I am a camera whore, and I am proud of that. Photographs represents the memories of every moment, moments we can't rewind nor playback it, because each moment is unique on its own. I super love the studio room, because the space was utilized wisely. And the cabinet, wooh I can fit inside.

We get to bed early, so we can catch the first trip coming from Cagayan de Oro. We asked the motorela driver to fetch us early, but for security and his safety he informed us that its better to leave when there is already light. And when we got to the terminal, the first bus to General Santos City, just left. The next bus will be at 9:00 A.M., which is also the last bus that goes straight to General Santos City.

That may just be the last 16 hours for this trip, but I will keep coming back to more of Bukidnon.

More Mai Wanders!!!
For cake needs while in Malaybalay:
Cake Boss
Malabalay City
Tel. No.(088) 221-2874

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Falling for Pitcher Plants

After a day of wandering around Malaybalay, its time to get to know more the plant where this farm was named. Despite the drizzles and being late in our supposed 4:30 pitcher plant tour, Volker, patient and accommodating as ever, walk us around his pitcher plant garden.
The garden is just beside his house and above our studio room. The best that I can remember about this whole Pitcher Plant 101 is that Pitcher Plant are from the Genus Nepethes and yes they are insectivorous or even carnivorous, some venus flytrap catches small frogs. Hmm... who won't get excited with it. I once again become a giddy child, listening attentively and asking questions with so much curiosity. 

Now that I am face to face with it, a plant I just used to read on A Child's First Library of Learning more than 20 years ago....haha. I asked Volker if I can grow it in Tupi, South Cotabato, and he said yes right away. Being at the foot of Mt. Matutum, a family of Nepethes will grow well as long as it is well taken care of.
And I did get my Hybrid Pitcher Plant and a Judith Hindle, at a good price from Volker. After a few months I already have two Hybrid Pitcher Plant but my Judith Hindle died, I failed to give more sunlight to it maybe.
Volker and my Judith Hindle
Pitcher plants are exciting to grow, every time I get to see a small pitcher, I wanted to grow it fast to see the shape it will have. And with this experience I want to grow more varieties of Pitcher Plants.
The pitcher of a Hybrid Pitcher Plant I have at home
Have it just outside my bedroom window....

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A Walk Around Kaamulan Park during Kaamulan Festival

Kaamulan Park is one of the most visited places in Malaybalay. Located at the back of the Provincial Capitol, it has been the venue for most of the activities during the Kaamulan Festival.
And since our visit is in time with the month long festival, Kaamulan Park is bustling with business and fun activities. After our hearty lunch it started to rain, but that did not stop us from going around the city.
There is still drizzles when we get to Kaamulan Park grounds, but that did not stop me from wandering around from stall to stall, haggling for plant's prices. Hmm I ended up buying 6 new planting materials of various indoor and outdoor plants.
After all the plant shopping, the dilemma of how to pack all these and bring it safe and in good planting condition to Tupi, South Cotabato is another thing. That would take 1 motorela ride, an 8 hours bus ride with 1 bus transfer.
Well oh well Mr. Good Idea POP! During Agri-Fairs artisans and craftsmen abound, and as I went stall hopping I saw this beautifully woven banig bag/bayong that comes in 4 sizes, which can be a good packaging for my plants. I asked for the biggest one and it costs Php350.00. I keep haggling until the owner told me that, he can give all four sizes for only Php800. I did not bother to argue and said yes I will buy it right away which saves me 1 bag.

The Kaamulan Park experience I had is far from the typical Kaamulan Park walk you will have on a regular day. During our visit, it was crowded and noisy but on a typical day I can say it is beautiful and serene.

After an afternoon of walking, we decided to go back to Pitcher Plant Farm, for I have scheduled with Mr. Volker a quick Pitcher plant lessons.

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Travel Date: February 23, 2013

Friday, October 04, 2013

We have it Fresh! Here in South Cotabato!

For more than 2 months now, I have not wander outside South Cotabato. But that can't stop me from writing something about this bountiful province.
One of the many fresh produce coming from South Cotabato are the vegetables and fruits of Tupi and Polomolok. And I was so happy to know, through Mama, that there are women organizations in Tupi, particularly in Barangay Kablon, that grow salad greens, red radish and strawberries. And she even brought home two bags of salad greens.

I was so giddy looking around the kitchen for the dressing I will prepare for these fresh greens.
Mai 'tsam Dressing
olive oil
apple cider vinegar
*I did not measure any of those ingredients, mix it according to my taste.

Mai 'tsam Salad
mixed greens
thinly sliced apple
toasted almonds
Mai 'tsam dressing
*Tossed everything in your salad bowl then topped it with more toasted almonds.

It was indeed a quick and healthy meal for our whole family. My little Browie loves it, that he even asked if he can have some salad for his "school baon" the next day.

More than having a healthy meal for our family, I feel proud to say that "We Have It Here in South Cotabato." No need to go to somewhere else to have the freshest ingredients because we South Cotabateno, have it here on our own backyard!!!!
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