Friday, November 29, 2013

Café Mita, Too Much Expectation Kills

It is another day of eating and bonding for us. This time we went to a place I have always wanted to eat, Café Mita.
Café Mita’s interior charms me a lot, every time I passed by it, I have to look at it and think about eating there. And tadaaah…..we are here to eat.
Inside Café Mita is like a home full of knick, knacks from a family’s trip. The menu is a fusion of Filipino, American, Italian and Spanish comfort food.

We ordered; Garlic Chicken for Browie, Pork Salpicao for Sissy and I had Creamy Chorizo. We were the only customers then, but the wait made Browie a little impatient. When the food arrived, I and Sissy gave a few ohhs and ahhs, because we quite expect something more to what we get. The Garlic Chicken came first, and it was fine, 3 cuts of chicken is reasonable for a price of Php 135.00, Pork Salpicao is served as patty with the gravy on it for Php 135.00 also and the last one is my Creamy Chorizo which changes everything. Penne pasta in creamy sauce with few bits of chorizo and two slices of moldy bread, that not even the garlic butter spread on it keep the smell of molds on my first bite.

See the grayish part of the bread....moldy bread
The excitement of writing about it and the experience died with that first bite. I informed the staff about it but did not even bother to change it, but instead charge me at the said price of Php 125.00. It was a big disappointment. I write not to destroy any one, if only it can help them improve their service and I believe they have a market to take care of. The place is catchy and the food taste good, except for my Creamy Chorizo.
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Table Date: May 10, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Teriyaki Boy, Good to Come in Three’s

Sissy’s home and off we went on our favorite bonding moment, EATING. For a time we always go for what Browie loves to eat, fried chicken. But this time we wanted to introduce something new to his curious appetite, Teriyaki Boy.

Teriyaki Boy is located in the ground floor, right wing of SM City General Santos City. We started with Teriyaki Boy Chicken, California Roll and Tofu Steak. It was fun introducing him to California Roll for the first time, he showed a full trust to us by eating it without hesitation.

He took one big bite of the whole roll, and said, it is now his new favorite. The mango and cucumber is a refreshing surprise to him that he was so amused by the fact that it paired well with the rice.

We were happy with the meal, until we learned that we get a TOMODACHI TREAT FOR THREE! How good it is to be dining in three’s? We got a free California Roll for free. With full tummies, we had it packed as “pasalubong” for Papa and Mama.

Introducing Teriyaki Boy to Browie is fun and full of surprises.

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May 2, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Why Wait for Disaster to Share? Let Us Do IT Now

Heartbreaking. Saddening. Those were my feelings every time I hear and see the looting happening in Tacloban City. I feel it more upon hearing it from my sister, that a Red Cross staff and a doctor was hurt when their truck was ambush on their way to deliver relief goods and medical help to Tacloban City.
Then something struck me, if only we have persevered in reaching  out to them before all this, none of it would happen.
I know how difficult it is to be in their situation but to those who knows God, this is just his way of calling us.
All these inspires me to do more missions and outreach to our brothers and sisters. For years now our family tried to do our best to support the outreach works of our church. And to know that said outreach church is now able to stand and bring more to Christ is a blessing.

The outreach church of Tupi UCCP is in Sitio San Jose, Kablon, Tupi, South Cotabato. Our first visit in Sitio San Jose is in the 1st Quarter of 2009 through a Sunday service by the road going to their community. The next was during the blessing and installation of the Sitio San Jose UCCP as an outreach church of Tupi UCCP.

Our visit continues. Until the time we see that they can finally stand on their own and grow on their faith in Christ.
Celebrated my 28th Birthday with the community

After our family's Ilocos-Baguio vacation, we took time to share it with Sitio San Jose 

I write to inspire more people to reach out and do your ministry. In moments like this, those who have Christ will have Job in them. Let us all be a blessing to others.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Mochi Creme and I Love Tea in SM General Santos

Browie....always a sweetie 
I call it a day. Food and wandering is life. Food is something that can make us stop and take time to laugh and talk about anything and everything. And a day at SM is always new for us, we make sure to taste and try something new on our visits.
Our first stop for this SM day is Mochi Creme. There is always a first time, because it is for me and Browie. Browie is quite hesitant to try it, he said it doesn't look  ice cream. With probing from his Miya Bird, he did choose the mango flavored mochi, while I tried their highly recommended black sesame.
We did enjoy the mochi creme. It is something new, it is like bochi with an ice cream surprise in the center. Yummy and giggly! Mochi Creme is located at the Ground Floor in front of Penshoppe.
Before heading home, the "Itlog" and his "Maya Bird" wants something. I let them go and buy it, and they ended up trying I Love Tea. Mango Shake for Browie and Milk Tea for Miya.

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April 2, 2013

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Discovering Sitio Saboi, Brgy. Lunen in Tupi

The river at Manang Zenaida's farm

Sitio Saboi is the first sitio of Brgy. Lunen in Tupi, South Cotabato. Lately, I have been hearing stories of a mysterious bird that Eney, one of our farm workers, has been talking about. It is a big bird that stays on the big tree during the day and flys out at night to feed on the river.
Browie's horses
Armed with curiosity, Mama, Browie, Sissy and I, instead of voting early, took a morning walk to Sitio Saboi. It is a 4 kilometer walk from our house, which is not new for us, since do weekend walking to our farm, at the boundary of Sitio Saboi.
A buko break at our farm
According to Eney, the big tree where these birds live is in the property of Manang Zenaida. Mang Zenaida is an old family friend, so off we went.
A shrub growing along the boundary of the farm....strange looking fruit
To enter the property we have to cross the river, which I miss doing for a long time. The moment we reach the bank, Mama and I saw a big bird fly towards trees on the other side of the river.

Inside Manang Zenaida's property, we were greeted by 10 guard dogs, huhu but they won't charge on you when you are with Manang.
We learned from her that, their family has been taking care of those birds for more than 20 years. They sometimes buy fish to feed the birds and even nurse a sick mother once. That is real LOVE and CONCERN. And those birds are wild ducks. We might not see them this time, but I am sure to go back and look for it up close and personal.
Fruits of guyabano trees growing around Manang Zenaida's property. A kilo is bought at Php19.00, and they harvest twice a week of about a ton.
Jolo variety of lanzones abound.....
Browie with their pet rabbit....
During our conversation, she exudes happiness, as she shares stories of their life at the farm. The sustainability and abundance of fruits; banana, guyabano,purple yam, lanzones and more. Their love for animals is evident to the number of dogs, the 10 cats living in the cat house, chickens, pigs and cattle.
She even invited us to stay for lunch but we still need to exercise our right to suffrage.
To end this; "I vow to explore and discover more of my hometown, TUPI."

Friday, November 01, 2013

Full Day on the 1st of November!

My day starts early as 5:00 A.M. But today is a day heavy with different  activities.
  • Delivers order of baked goodies to Polomolok
    Off early to deliver orders.....with my trusty TOMS
  • "Ibos 101" with Mama. Ibos is an Ilonggo word for Suman.
    A step by step Ibos making with Mama, always full of LAUGHTER 
  • Bakes Mini Cheese Cupcakes
    Got home after delivering orders, another pahabol 100 pcs mini cheese cupcakes......BLESSED
  • Visits vegetable farm in Kipalbig, Tampakan
    Ampalaya, Okra, Talong and Kalabasa......BLESSINGS 
  • Visits the wake of a relative in Kipalbig
    Ate Lily's pond, hmmm, wants to revive our pond
  • Lights candle at Holy Trinity Memorial Park in Tupi
    Browie with his pink candle for Ma Be
  • Afternoon snacks with family at home
    Ibos and hot tsokolate in a rainy afternoon is PERRRRFECT!!!