Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's the DEAL!

We made a deal, "let Mama or Papa go up the stage, Ate will let you have four toys you want."
He did it on the 19th and by morning of the 20th, I have a knock on my door telling me we can go today to General Santos City for his toys!WOOAH ang bilis naman  ng paniningil.

His smiles and giggles are more than enough for Ate Mai.
Lunch is at one of his favorites, Pancake House in SM City. He had his Bacon and Egg, while I had the Vienna Pork. For the past weeks Browie had been fond of Chowking's Chef Special Chinese Pork Chop, I let him have a bite of the Vienna pork. And he had this to say; "I can smell the spices but I cannot taste it!" hahaha Foodie Browie na talaga!

After lunch he asked to have Thumbs Up. And we are done with the DEAL!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

10th Honor!

Our Little Big Man brings us a lot of surprises, that made us super proud of him. Growing up we were never pressured to be on the top ten, what our parents taught us, is to value our education more than getting those honors. But a big surprise came with our little brother, he did not just value his education but even made Papa go up the St. Catherine's stage.
Made Papa and Mama HAPPY!

Notre Dame Siena will always have PASSION for TRUTH and COMPASSION for HUMANITY

Little Big MAN

Ate's afternoon treat for our 10th honor!

Mama and Papa's thanksgiving dinner for Browie

Ate is super proud and will always be grateful for you Little Big Man!!!!!

Kalsangi Weekend with Mama

It's an invite I can't say no to. It was a Saturday, and woke up with Mama telling me to go with her to Kalsangi on Tita Babes lunch invitation.
a welcome sight in Tita Babes home
Kalsangi is an exclusive community tucked inside Dole Pineapple Plantation. It is very exclusive that getting there is only through invites by Kalsangi residents. This residential community was created for Dole executives. It has a school, a golf course and a clubhouse.
on our way to Kalsangi
We arrived in time for lunch but Me and Mama can't wait to take photos around Tita Babes' indoor garden.

Lunch was great that we ended up taking an afternoon nap in the cool weather of Kalsangi. It was drizzling during our visit. Kalsangi is located about 2000 feet above sea level, we were almost at the foot of Mt. Matutum.

After our nap, we went to the Clubhouse to buy the infamous Kalsangi bread. Tita Babes drove us to the clubhouse in their golf cart which is so cool and sooooo cold!!!!

Meet KC, my 2nd cousin who teaches in Kalsangi, it was the first time we were introduce
It was indeed a very fun weekend with Mama. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Foodie Saturday!

Another food day for our little big man, after a weekdays of final exams and "tula" memorizing. 
Lunch is in Sbarro, first glance at the array of pasta, Browie chose the Chicago Deep Dish White. While I had my Tortellini upgraded to Pinwheel. The verdict of Little Big Man, taste good for pasta and cheese lovers! may point talaga lagi ang batang to!

Happy Eaters!

After our NBS visit, we or I say I had coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I had the Classic Iced Mocha and Triple Chocolate Mousse. Another hirit from the Little Big Man: I'll bring Papa here, he loves coffee!
Little Big Man laying down his plan.......

Before going home, we passed by BreadTalk, one of the newly opened stores in Veranza. With Browie around, we can't just go home without buying for Papa, Mama, Lola, Ate Nene..... and list goes on. Little Big Man is so happy to see J Baby bread, saying it is his bread, J stands for James!
JJ and J Baby

Someone is excited to go home with his Bread Talk.....
Bye Veranza and Hello Home!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Roses Here, There and Everywhere at DOK MARIANO Potted Roses and Ornamental Plants

Barangay Crossing Rubber in the municipality of Tupi is place of beauty and bounty. Most of flower farms in Tupi is located in Crossing Rubber and one of them is DOK MARIANO Potted Roses and Ornamental plants.

DOK MARIANO or Tita May and Tito Dok's roses is our go to flowers every time our family is the flower donor for Sunday Church service. Mama and I find flower buying relaxing and fun. The fascinating and surprising hues of roses everywhere make our day happy!
Super fascinated ako with its color...... 

 Mercedes, Korean.......thorn less and "tadtad sa tinik" stems, roses will always be beautiful. And nakakabilib din si Tita May to know all the names of her roses.

The rose farm is located along National Highway, Brgy. Crossing Rubber, Tupi, South Cotabato.
At home floral arrangements

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fun way of Scribbling with Mongol Inkjoy

I love to write, with pen and paper. I find joy in writing anything, I have four diaries back then and finding Mongol Inkjoy pen is a big surprise.

Mongol is pencil for me, or Mongol was, is or will always be synonymous to pencil. Remember when you used to buy pencil and you simply say "Mongol" even when the brand is different? I am guilty of that....
NOW we have Mongol Inkjoy, giving more fun to writing with its colorful ink. I got three colors; orange, pink and violet.

Cupcakes in Wooden Crates for Papa's 57th Birthday!

Hooray! We made it, me and Browie have been looking for cupcakes ideas for Papa's Birthday, until we came across a cupcakes with vegetable toppers in a crates.
Melted chocolate toppers
Our version; we draw chocolate vegetable, baked tablea cupcake, topped it with butter cream icing then covered it with crushed Oreo.

It made Papa happy knowing that it's one of the many surprise ideas of our lil Browie!