Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ordination of Rev. Elisa Esmeralda-Veloso

Surreal. Laying face down on the floor. Giving your life to the service of God's vineyard.

Pastor Lisa is two years younger that me. She served UCCP Tupi, the church our family attends, for almost 6 years now. She is part of our family, the 3rd daughter of Mama & Papa. In our ups and downs, she has been that light and salt that made us carry through life. And on the day of her ordination, she invited us, and let Mama put her the cross. 

More than the ceremony of ordination, it is what goes within that person being ordained struck me most. The courage to give your life to God.

I came to ask my self then, would I be willing or have I given my life to God's service? Just then I realized, that I do not have to be a pastor to be of service to God's vineyard. There are people who are called to be one. We are called in the place where he puts us in, it is the vineyard where he wants us to work.
May we be able to be all workers of God's vineyard, in being a foodie, a traveler and an entrepreneur.

SM Gen.San. Foodie Day: Karate Kid and The Famous Belgian Waffles

I am back with my foodie buddy for another food adventure in SM General Santos City. After doing the day's delivery, my buddy is HUNGRY. The agreement before leaving home is try something new, somewhere we never tried before.
Since the list is getting shorter, Karate Kid is the place to go. Hmm he wanted to try the Takuyaki but it was not available, so I have to convince him to try Chicken Katsudon. He did, while I had Chicken Teriyaki and Caramella Milk Tea.

Chicken Katsudon is a big hit for Little Big Man, especially that it got his favorite egg on top. Chicken Teriyaki on the other is just right, but the Caramella Milk Tea has something so wrong about it. I love milk tea and even recreated it at home, but Karate Kid’s has some lumps of milk in it. But since Chicken Katsudon made Little Big Man happy, pwede na din.

After lunch we went to look for some things for Aurora’s Kitchen and had another doze of NBS time. I bought Liz Uy’s book, StyLized, bad thing that I forgot she had a book signing last March 23 in SM Gen.San.

Just outside NBS, is the newly opened The Famous Belgian Waffles, and it calls for an afternoon coffee. I had coffee and Hazelnut Waffles while Little Big Man opted for just a hot chocolate.

And another foodie day has once again ends. Till our next foodie day!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Lemon and Chocolate Moist Cupcake

It is another project with creative and enterprising mom Mich of Vyktoria’s Confections and Balloons . For one of her wedding dessert buffet, she ordered mini lemon cupcakes with lemon glaze and mini chocolate moist cupcake with chocolate frosting. In addition to the mini cupcakes she had bite size Chantilly, Brownies and Pretzels all from Aurora’s Kitchen.
Freshly picked lemons.....yep I used fresh lemons in my lemon cupcakes and glaze
Mini Lemon Cupcakes

Mini Choco Moist Cupcakes
Dessert Buffet
Praying for more cupcake and dessert projects to come this year.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

How Little Big Man adds another favorite... Chinese Style Pork Chop

Little Big Man just love his chicken until after two consecutive days of exam and lunch at his favorite chicken, I felt the need to introduce something new to him. On the third and final day of his exam, I convinced him to have lunch at Chowking, I had the Chef Special Chinese Style Pork and he sticks with his Fried Chicken. But a big but came when he tried my pork chop. All he can say is a thumbs up sign, and asking me for a piece.
this is how Jollibee became a part of his after school.....

First time to have him willingly choose Chowking over Jollibee
the first time, crossing over to my plate
The rest I say is history…..for the next days it has been the Chef Special Chinese Style Pork. And up to this time nothing beats its tenderness and crispy coating.

Grocery time can be Chowking time....

Chowking is located at the lower groud floor of KCC Mall Marbel, near the Yellow entrance.

Cool Off at Razon’s

Another grocery trip is done for me and Browie. With a summer hot afternoon, a much needed cool off is a must. We had “halo-halo” and a siopao at Razon’s. Tipid afternoon for me, because Browie do want to just share with my order.

Hmmm, here comes my chicken siopao and BANG, he likes it. For Razon’s halo-halo, it is one of the best when it comes to its smooth shaved ice. But Browie wants more texture when it comes to the “halo.” Haha, our Little Foodie indeed!

Those cute attics again.....when something yummy is just a lick away
Razon’s is located at the GF in front of KCC Marbel grocery, beside Red Ribbon.

A Birthday Surprise for Jen

One of my angel in Aurora’s Kitchen celebrates her 18th birthday. A birthday she dreams of having, a cake and ice cream which she never experience. And becoming an instrument of surprise, I baked here a banana cake with buttercream frosting. Mama bought her a 3.5 gallons of ice cream and Ate Nene made her ½ kilo of Sotanghon.

We hope in this little gesture of ours made her happy on her natal day!