Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mang Johnny Seafood Cuisine and Halo-Halo @ D'Hill

Halo-halo is one of my favorite coolers. And trying every variation is a must for me. For a time I been wanting to try Mang Johnny's version of halo-halo. And finally after doing my afternoon grocery, on our way home, I get to try it with Mama, Papa and Browie.

Mang Johnny is located along the National Highway Bo. 8, Koronadal, beside Mangga Elementary School in Camp Mariano. A serving of Buko Halo-Halo is Php65.00. It is a full serving of mixed sweetened beans, kamote, banana, ube and buko meat.
Mang Johnny's halo-halo satisfies my halo-halo cravings!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Joy of Giving! Kablon Outreach 5th Anniversary

Last July 19, 2015, Kablon Outreach Church celebrated its 5th anniversary, and members of Tupi Main Church attended. We all enjoyed the long, tiring walk to Sitio San Jose, where the Church is located.
The community of San Jose holds a very special place in my heart, this is where I celebrated my 28th birthday years ago, hmmmm. It is a place that reminded me of how blessed as I am as a person. It is where my heart wants to give inspiration especially to children who wants to dream big. And most of all this is where I can give back to my Father in Heaven how grateful I am for everything.
The last visit I had is more than two years ago, and a lot have changed. But the best changes I heard is to hear that most of the teenage girls I met, were all pursuing their college education.
The 5th anniversary celebration started with a Sunday service. We had a community lunch, then the members of the council had an informal meeting to plan for projects and programs of the outreach.
Just when everyone is about to go, and I was bidding goodbyes to Ate and Kuya Bert. Ate hugged and thanked me for the support I gave them. Which then filled me with so much joy, because everything that I did, is just what God wants us to be. "To love our neighbors."Then she is gave something, it is her way of saying thank you, I don't want to accept it at first, but she told me something that struck me, "dawata ra gud, kay kung ikaw kaya nimu muhatag sa amua, gitudluan pud nimu kami na muhatag sa uban, maong pasalamat namu na!" Wow with our giving we can indeed infect more people, that no matter how simple our life is, we all have the capacity to give. Let us all make every moment we have as an opportunity to GIVE.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Greenwich' Pizza Making Camp

Spent our Saturday' morning watching Browie make his own pizza and became a certified pizza maker. Greenwich' Pizza Making Camp is a great way to introduce kids to the world of cooking their own food. I signed up Browie to join in because it is something I never experienced as a kid,hmmmm "kasi wala pa namang Greenwich noon."

Mama and me were being stage mother and stage sister as we get to do sign language over to Browie for a little instruction. During the two hours pizza making camp, they were able to; play with other kids, tour the kitchen, listen to proper hand washing while in the kitchen,watch a demo on dough making, make their own pizza and eat.

Joining such fun activity is a great way to educate kids. Browie had a lot of fun that he cannot help showing everyone he is a certified pizza maker. Greenwich KCC Marbel will hold more camps and activities, just check and inquire at their stores.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Iloilo City: Deco's Original La Paz Batchoy Since 1938

Spent the last 3 days of our family vacation in Iloilo. Stayed with my Mama's older sister's home, our grandparents old house in Bilidan, New Lucena. 
Waiting for tricycle to bring us to Cabilawan, where we wait for jeepney bound for Iloilo City
Iloilo City is an hour jeepney ride from where we stayed. We have the day planned for pasalubong shopping and batchoy, as we wanted to let our little foodie brother try Iloilo's Lapaz Batchoy. But with the parents around, we decided to just go to the nearest batchoy place from Atrium is Deco's Original LaPaz Batchoy since 1939, located just across SM City Delgado.

We ordered 3 small bowls and 2 special La Paz batchoy  for Browie and Papa. My brother's favorite part is they gave us extra bowl of "sabaw." Deco's batchoy is on the sweet side but very subtle that one can still taste all the flavors of meat boiled with it. With just one small bowl, I feel so full after.
For a more exciting batchoy adventure in Iloilo City, I suggest that you try other batchoyan Iloilo City is famous for.