Sunday, October 25, 2015

Koronadal City: Spice Island

It was another Ates' day with the school boys. Food means bond, that what keeps us together, and it can connect us with the younger ones in the family. 
Fetched Browie from school after his 2nd Mastery examination, texted Kuya Deo to join us for lunch at Spice Island.
Spice Island is an Indian-Thai restaurant in Koronadal City. It's my 2nd visit to the place and I can say that their food is the closest one can have a taste of the Indian -Thai cuisine. I love Indian-Thai food, the richness of spices give a certain vibe in it.
We ordered; Chicken Biryani, Pad Thai, Grilled Chicken, Naan and Chicken Satay. I highly recommend their Biryani, they uses long grained Basmati rice and you can taste and see the spices that it got. Browie on the other loves the Naan, being a Roti Paratha eater, it means that Spice Island's Naan passes his taste.Sissy had the Pad Thai, while Deo got to finish everything. He may not have loved how it smiles but he finished everything we ordered, saying, "namit man ang lasa gali 'te."
Pad Thai

Basmati Rice

Grilled Chicken

Chicken Satay


w/ Browie

Sissy with Kuya Deo

Want to try or you crave for something spicy while in Koronadal City. Visit Spice Island in Alunan Avenue, just across DPWH.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tita Vangie's Cake; Our Version of Metro Manila's Estrel's Cake

My current favorite, Tita Vangie's Caramel Cake
Metro Manila has Estrel's Cake, also known as "the artista cake," a chiffon cake covered with a caramel icing. And at home we got Tita Vangie's cake. In all our special occasions, we got to have Tita Vangie's Cake.
Tita Vangie's cakes are born out of passion for baking, and through years of practice and experiment and continuous training, she is able to develop a yummy variety of cakes.
Caramel and Mango Cakes for T'boli Pawnshop's Meeting
The Caramel Cake is the star for me. I have not tried Estrel's Cakes, but I can say that Tita Vangie's Caramel Cake is beyond comparison. I love how the caramel frosting did not overpower the cake and it gives a good balance of sweetness to it. 
Tita Vangie's cake is a "sulit cake." Looking at it, one can say that; you got what you have paid for. Aesthetically, WOW! I have this thing of not slicing the part of those beautiful buttercream flowers. 
Tita Ming's Cake on her birthday; Tres Leches w/ Meringue Icing, Butter Cake w/ Buttercream Icing & The Caramel Cake
For those who want a piece of Tita Vangie's cakes you can drop by her house. A discreet looking house beside Dok Mariano's Ornamental Plants in Brgy. Crossing Rubber, Tupi, South Cotabato. All her cakes as of now, are all by order basis. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Farm to Table: Passion Fruit Kalamasi Basil Juice & Apple,Chicken Lanzones Canape

I have always been vocal in encouraging people to cultivate their own food. Growing up in a family of farmers, both Mama & Papa were agriculture graduates. And we may have taken a different path in choosing our college degrees but the "farm" has been a part of our life.
Passion fruit, basil and lanzones are all grown in our garden at home. Blessed to be living in the bountiful town of Tupi, South Cotabato, where fruits, vegetables and flowers grow all year round.

Passion Fruit Kalamasi Basil Juice
1 cup passion fruit juice 
1 cup sugar
bunch of basil leaves
1 cup kalamasi juice
1. Combine passion fruit, kalamansi and sugar, then bring to boil.
2. As it boils, scum or bubbles form on top, slowly and carefully scrape it off.
3. Add the basil leaves, boil it for a few more minutes.
4. Cool the juice concentrate and store it with the basil leaves. Simply add water to the concentrate to enjoy a healthy passion fruit kalamansi juice.

Apple, Chicken & Lanzones Canapes
cooked chicken breast
1 cup Japanese mayonaise
2 tbsp. cream
chopped celery stalks
cubed Fuji apples
pinch of salt
sliced French bread
softened butter
1. Whip together the mayonaise, cream and pinch of salt.
2. In another bowl mix the chicken,celery and apple. Then add the mayonaise mixture. 
3. Butter the sliced French bread and baked it for about 2-3 minutes. Top it with the chicken and apple salad. Then put 1 or 2 lanzones slivers. I prefer the longkong lanzones, a seedless variety.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hosting a Meeting at Home

It is T'boli Pawnshop's regular bi-monthly meeting and our home is the venue for this month. Back in the days, scheduled meetings for the pawnshop at home is our "tago days," that is for being extremely shy. 
Gone are the days of hiding, these days, it has always been my role, to do and plan all the nitty gritty that comes with hosting a meeting.
I start with planning for the food to be served on the day of the meeting. Hosting a group of "oldies," SORRY, needs a little pampering. Food must be taken in a healthier side. For the food I chose to start with some Blue Ternate Tea with Kalamansi. I prepared freshly picked from Mama's garden Passion Fruit Basil Juice, Eggplant Spaghetti w/ Malunggay Pasta, Apple Chicken Lanzones Canapes, Malagkit na Mais Suman. And I ordered cakes from my Tita Vangie; D'Artista Cake and Mango Cream Cake.
Freshly picked Blue Ternate Flowers
Passion Fruit Basil Juice

Caramel Cake and Mango Cake

Apple Chicken Lanzoces Canapes
Eggplant Spaghetti with Malunggay Pasta
After the food is done, the place where to have the meeting is next on my list. A day before the meeting, I chose ornamental plants in Mama's Garden to be taken inside the house. And TADAH......

Hosting a meeting these days is something I look forward to. I get to be acquainted to the world Mama and Papa has prepared for us. And I get to showcase some of the my creations and the recipes I been wanting to try on with the twist I wanted to introduce in.
I will be sharing my Passion Fruit Basil Juice and Apple Chicken Lanzones Canapes in my coming posts.