Thursday, May 26, 2016

Davao City: Lyndon's Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken

It was indeed the worst and the most awful thing any foodie should not miss when visiting Davao City. Good thing that we started our cousins' food adventure at Lyndon's Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken.

We arrived past 10:00 A.M. at their Roxas St. branch, and looked like they we're just starting their day. It is one of the most unassuming restaurant that I have been to. As we enter, we were greeted with wall arts that calls out the sanity in we ordered right away.

We had: two servings of Worst Ribs, a whole Awful Chicken and a pitcher of Iced Tea. Each serving of the Worst Ribs comes with a cup of rice, so we're good since Sissy and Deo were on no rice diet.

The Worst Ribs was worst enough that we ended with just rib bones on our plates. It was so tender and deliciously tasty, that I did not took the time to identify what spices were added to it. All I wanted was to take a bite, then another bite until it was all bones. Hahaha, in other words "talagang masarap lang." The Awful Chicken on the other hand was so awful that we never mind dipping it in  sauce, because we enjoy it a plainly as it was served to us. The meat was juicy and tasty with a hint of lemon, even if it was fried, "hindi nakakaumay."

Just as we're finishing our brunch, more customers were coming in, a proof that Lyndon's is place to be when in Davao City.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The 'Rents Now on Their 34th Year

Yup Mama & Papa just celebrated their 34th year of marriage. I may not be able to talk about how they survive the ups and downs of past 34 years. But I can surely talk about how they were as parents to us.
From day one to this very moment, our parents were our number one supporter to almost everything we do. Evident that on this very day of their wedding anniversary, they accompanied me to the entrance examination that I am about to take.
As an entrepreneur, they gave me their 101%. Papa would sometimes delivers order while Mama spends late nights with me cooking for orders and catering service.
The strength they have shown is beyond compare. Despite our failures, they never stop supporting our dreams. And we will forever be grateful for the kind of training they have taught us growing up. They showed us hands-on the value of hardwork. With that I can say, the Lord blessed us in so many ways. We may never had a hand to choose our parents but yet the Lord gave us the BEST.
On their 34th wedding anniversary, from Sultan Kudarat to Korondal City we  stopped along the National Highway in New Iloilo, Tantangan for lunch, at a newly opened Acacia Grill. Then Mama had a pottery shopping in San Felipe, Tantangan.
Comes dinner time, Browie and I made two heart shaped cheesecakes, one topped with  red cherries for Mama and the other topped with blueberries for Papa. Our celebration may not be grand, but we know we have a lifetime to show them how grateful we are that they were the parents God bless us with.
34th Anniversary Lunch

Lunch as simple as their Civil Wedding 34 years ago, and a reception over burgers and softdrinks

Browie our certified Master of Surprises

Garden Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

Mother's day never ends. We were not able to bring Lola Auring with us, so I whipped up a Special Garden Salad for Mother's day dinner at home. 
Garden Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
  • Leafy greens (bought from House of Cashews)
  • Salad Tomato (also from House of Cashews)
  • Cashew Chips (also from House of Cashews) 
  • Raisins
  • Slivered Keso de Bola
  • olive oil
  • honey
  • mustard
  • suka (vinegar made by our neighbor)
All the ingredients I used lies on what was in our fridge. Simply toss all the greens, and the rest of the ingredients together. In another bowl whisk olive, honey, mustard and suka, then drizzled it to the garden salad. Top it with slivered keso de bola.

Polomolok: FK House of Cashews Organic Garden Resto and Spa

It's Mother's Day, and as much as I believe that honoring my mother is not just for a day but for a lifetime. We always make Mother's Day extra special every year.
This year, I planned to have our Mother's day lunch in an organic farm in Polomolok. FK House of Cashews Organic Garden Resto and Spa, started as a cashew farm. Back in the days, when I was still helping our family business GF Pasalubong, we used to visit the place, since the owner is also a member of South Cotabato Producers Association.
In the recent years, the Fuentespina's expanded their business with the opening of a food cart in malls and now this organic garden resto. Then I started hearing about the Lumpiang Sariwa of House of Cashews. As a foodie, it is must that I get to taste it.
Mother's day became a perfect time to finally taste FK House of Cashews food. Though I was suffering an allergic reaction from eating mango, that causes redness all over my face, this didn't stop me from trying their food.
Days before, I made a reservation and pre-ordered our lunch. We had; Garden Salad, Lumpiang Sariwa, Native Tinolang Manok, Kare-Kare kon Kasuy, Cashew Chicken in Garlic Sauce, Steamed Pompano and House Special Juice. As a foodie family, we all love to eat and very critical with taste. In our family, Papa is the most difficult to please but Browie is the must be pleased. After our lunch, Papa had  "masarap lahat kasi organic and fresh, walang pait." And Browie had superb comments on his favorite Lumpiang Sariwa and Cashew Chicken in Garlic Sauce, that we have to control our pangs from eating the lumpiang sariwa take-out. He had it for an afternoon snacks and another for dinner. When he likes something he will surely share his love for it to everyone, talk about to his ate miya, kuya deo and ate nene.
Mama loves everything, but the Garden Salad is the star, that I even bought salad greens and salad tomato. For me, its the Cashew Chicken in Garlic Sauce, I love how the chicken breast retained its juiciness and the garlic sauce is not offensive to the taste but simply compliments with the chicken. The Lumpiang Sariwa and the Garden Salad, are a must try. They grow their own salad greens, that is why even without any dressing I can eat their greens. 
FK House of Cashews Organic Garden Resto and Spa is located at Upper Matin-ao, Silway 8, Polomolok, South Cotabato, or you can email at

Lumpiang Sariwa

Garden Salad

Kare-Kare kon Kasuy

Steamed Pompano

Native Tinolang Manok

Cashew Chicken in Garlic Sauce

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Davao City for a 30 Hours Cousins' Bonding

Davao City. The place to be, home of presumptive president Mayor Digong. But our trip is not about Mayor Digong, its for the four of us, Miya, Sissy, Deo and Me.
Miya is moving to Davao City to take-up a course in Multi-Media at University of Mindanao. As the "ate," came to help her in processing her transfer. As a wanderlust and foodie, I came to explore and try with my siblings the food of Davao City.
The order of business started at 5:00 A.M, as we leave home and take a four hour bus ride, with one bus transfer in General Santos City. Arrived past 9:00 A.M in Davao City and we went right away to University of Mindanao Bolton Campus. Without any breakfast, Deo asked if we can eat after. And while waiting for Miya to be assessed, Sissy and Deo tried to search and look for a place to eat and stay.
From UM, we went straight to try Lyndon's Worst Ribs along Roxas Avenue. After our meal, we burned all those calories by walking the whole stretch of Roxas Avenue towards Marco Polo Hotel. "Syalan lang" because I wanted them to experience the great breakfast buffet of Marco Polo. When we got to Marco Polo Hotel, we were the most disticnt group who came on foot, got through the gate, walk through the lobby and inquire for an available accommodation. But sorry, they were fully booked at the moment, the staff were gracious to get us a taxi so that we can look for a place to stay.

As initially planned, we stayed in Green Windows Hotel. Checked-in and freshen-up to have our afternoon snack/lunch. From our hotel we just walked towards Backyard Burgers for..........hahaha, burgers. Spent the afternoon window shopping in Abreeza Mall and SM Lanang Premier. Had dinner at Sumo Sam and headed back to our hotel for a night of laughter and rest.

The next day was more of wanting to be home because our little Browie is waiting for the four us. We had our free breakfast from the hotel. Went straight to the bus terminal in Ecoland, to try riding one of the newest bus company that services the Davao City-GenSan-Koronadal City route, Mindanao Star. 

Travelling with cousins will always be special. It gave us a chance to bond again, despite our busy lives and be a family.
Happy to have his ates and kuya back at home