Thursday, July 28, 2016

Back in Iloilo with Mama Dora

It was another unplanned trip back to Iloilo with Mama to attend Lolo Miguel's funeral. Grew up knowing how close my Mama Dora to her family in Iloilo. And it made college in Iloilo feels like we were at home, because of the love and support we get from Mama's relatives.
Even with a very short notice, Mama decided to go home for Lolo Miguel. It feels so good to be back and be with the people who made me feel special, especially those hugs and tears of Tito Biloy with his "nahidlaw gid ko sa imo Mai-Mai ba, abi ko indi ta ka na makita liwat." That's what I call family, distance and time will never keep us apart.
Me and Mama were also excited to visit relatives like Lola Zenaida and  reminisced the places and  food Iloilo offers.
Thanks to the afternoon schedule of Cebu Pacific, we get to be at Aurora's Kitchen in the morning

Lolo Miguel's wake at Tito Biloy's home

Nice to see Tita Fe's garden

Iloilo and its new infrastructures

A visit to Lola Zenaida in Jaro

Pasalubong shopping at Biscocho Haus, Jaro 

Another lunch at Freska

Bought Baye-Baye in Pavia

Monday, July 18, 2016

T'nalak Finds: Lettuce Ice Cream

Catchy. Green. And Yummy. Who would not get curious when you see a sign saying; "organic and healthy LETTUCE ice cream"? FLASH........I go! Yes I squeezed in the crowded bahay kubo of the Municipality of Lake Sebu to buy a scoop of Lettuce Ice Cream. 
Manong Ice Cream was a very enthusiastic man who happily introduce his variety of flavors to me. He even explained that their ice cream have lettuce as its base mix with other herbs like basil. mint and tarragon. Everything according to Manong are organically grown and that it was his first time to introduce his ice cream to market. He even wrote me their contact number, because they can deliver withing Koronadal City. But with my excitement, I forgot the other flavors except for the two flavors I ordered; Mango flavor and the Buko Salad.
Miya and Browie were just outside the bahay kubo, smiling at me. They knew that  it was the usual Ate Mai, who will run after anything that is new in the food scene.
Lettuce Ice Cream is a healthy version perfect for our ice cream cravings. You can really taste and see the herds in every spoonful of ice cream.

 I love sharing about my food discoveries especially those rising home-based enterprises in my beloved province of South Cotabato. I have yet to order for more flavors soon through the number given to me.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

General Santos City: Sunburst Fried Chicken

Happy to know that Sunburst is a Filipino enterprise that is worth as much of the attention that we Filipinos have for the likes of KFC. It started in 1971 with the name A&C Chicken and Pizza House with just 10 tables. It specializes in fried delectables that we Filipino love.
Sunburst Fried Chicken is one of the new restaurants in Veranza General Santos City, that is a must try for me and  Browie. As usual, we start it with delivering orders and end it with eating out or trying out new food places.
Being a first time eater, we decided to order what the name of the place suggest, fried chicken. I ordered Sunduo a combination of ribkeel and thigh with rice and coleslaw and Browie had Cheeseburger. 
It tasted very Filipino, the skin is crispy and not too salty. Browie found his burger too big but yummy. As i go through its menu, the prices are so affordable that we Filipino would greatly afford. Sunburst Fried Chicken is another Philippine restaurant that we can be proud of.

Sunburst Fried Chicken is located at the Lower Ground Floor of Veranza General Santos City.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

General Santos City: Hinalang 'Ta

Hinalang 'Ta is a place I can say local to General Santos City. Every time I visit a new place I always look forward for a place to eat that I can say local to that place. And I am so happy to share to you Hinalang 'Ta here in our very own General Santos City.
Seen it a number of times but then an opportunity to try it seems so slim, until Papa brought Mama, Browie and me to try hinalang. Browie at first was hesitant but when he finally got a taste of hinalang, he had to asked for my bowl after he finished his bowl. 
It is the place for locals looking for affordable and very tasty and hot bowl of hinalang. Hinalang is a  peppery balbakwa giving it its name, because of the "halang" of pepper. It was a happy lunch for us, because with 4 bowls of hinalang, a bowl of knukles, 4 lumpia, 4 rice, 4 cups of tapioca and a liter of softdrinks for a little over Php200.00.
Hinalang 'Ta is a perfect place to go this rainy season and it stays true to its tagline "Tilawi lang kay imu gyud balik balikan". The place we visited is located along the National Highway in General Santos City, between Phela Grande Convention and the bridge.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Proverbs 16:19

When we asked God for help, he knows when and how to give us that help. Past weeks has been a struggle for me, but I feel so blessed to have gone through it without destroying myself. 
Curious? It's a very petty matter but in a way tend to let my day go bad. Just this morning, while watching Bo Sanchez' Kerygma TV, it talk about how PRIDE destroys us.
Just as the new school year starts, one of my angels in Aurora's Kitchen went fulltime in her senior highschool. I prayed that I will find a new one that will help Ate Magie in the day to day work. The Lord blessed me with one, but then that blessing came to teach me and test me.
She was so difficult to deal with all the time, teaching her how to do things right comes to her as being angry. And she will tend to do what she wants without following the instructions given to her. On the day Me and Mama were about to leave for Iloilo City, she told Mama that she and her two children will go home. Mama told her that as a mother she has to think of her children and if she leaves, she has to let her children stay so they can go to school. And I then shared to her how pride can lead us to destruction.
Monday came, not expecting her but then she came to work again. But then her old self was still looming, and working with her becomes hard for Ate Magie and Ate Nene. Thursday, I wanted to tell to stop working and go home, but then Ate Nene told me not, I have to wait that she will be the one to leave. And every day I pray, the I will be guided. Today, Sunday, one of her daughter left home with all her things.
Yes. It was Ate Nene. She became an instrument for me not to be the one to tell someone to leave work. It was God, working through the people around us, all we have to do is to vigilant to the things we listened to.
Proverbs 16:19 "Pride leads to destruction, and arrogance to downfall." What ever that person will do in the future I continue to pray that she will be guided with what is right and to learn the lessons life gives her. But one of her daughter, still decides to stay with us.

Davao City: Sumo Sam

When hunger pangs strike the gang, it calls for a sumo like meal at Sumo Sam. Deo anyway wanted to go Japanese for dinner, that is why we chose to dine at Sumo Sam. What I remember about the dinner is the conversations and the laughters we have. The food was great but the experience sharing it with my sister and cousins mattered most.

The Sumo Sam we dined in was loacted in Abreeza Mall, Davao City.