Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sesame Seed Balls

Tried something new in the kitchen. And thanks to my ever reliable recipe source, The Tummy Train by Cla Panuelos. Sesame Seed Balls is the famous "buchi," a sesame covered fried glutinous rice.
No need to list the recipe and how it's made, I have it covered in how I describe "buchi." 
Sesame Seed Balls
  • 6 tbsp. red bean paste
  • 1 3/4 cup glutinous rice flour
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup sesame seed
  • oil for frying
  1. Place glutinous rice in a bowl. Make a large well at the center. Prepare water nearby for wetting of hands.
  2. Bring water to boil the add brown sugar. Remove from heat and pour into the glutinous rice.
  3. Stir rice flour and sugar mixture.
  4. Knead and form into logs.
  5. Cut into equal portions, shape into balls then flatten and add the filling. Form it into balls and roll in sesame seeds.
  6. Deep fry.

Happy to see my Mama Dora's smile when I served her and Papa "buchi" while they were watching their usual Sunday afternoon T.V. Buchi is Mama Dora's favorite, its the reason why she would at times visit Chowking. For my filling, I was not able to find red bean paste in the grocery, so I used my all time favorite Hany, mix it with evaporated milk to make a paste. Browie asked for after, so it means one thing, it's a thumds up!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

General Santos City: Sunday Lunch at Gerry’s Grill

It’s another Sunday’s lunch, this time with Papa, Mama & Browie. Mama wants to buy  a new school bag & some short pants for Browie, and Sunday seems to be the only day that we can have the time to do it. Right after our Sunday Church service, we went to General Santos City despite the recent Davao City bombing, to which Papa initially did not agree with. But then, when it is for Browie, Papa will always have the ready YES.
Finding a place to have lunch is simple, eliminate all the restaurants we have eaten and THAT’s IT! But then, we almost tried every restaurant in Veranza, until Browie told me that Papa have not try Gerry’s Grill yet, hmmm, and so Gerry’s Grill IT IS! We first tried Gerry’s Grill backed in Cebu City about 7 years ago, not realizing that Browie remembers having lunch there without Papa.
Lunch for us; Crab Rice, Crispy Vegetable & Pork Pockets, Sizzling Shrimp Gambas, Sizzling Bangus Sisig & Nilagang Bulalo. Browie had Halo-Halo Jr. for dessert.
Sizzling Gambas

Crispy Vegetables Pockets

Crab Rice

Bangus Sisig

Gerry’s Grill is located at the Lower Ground Floor of Veranza Mall.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Polomolok: AMCOOP Lunch with Grandma

AMCOOP is the latest addition to the growing list of restaurants and cafes in South Cotabato. Lately, my FB feed gets flooded with status of eating and staying at AMCOOP Suites. It became our first choice for our first ever, cousins’ lunch date with Lola Auring.
I pray that it will be the start of more lunch dates with Lola Auring, now that we got Deo to drive us around, it’ll surely be easier. AMCOOP Suites Bed – Breakfast Café is located along Cannery Road, Polomolok. We were the first group to have lunch, so we settled in the café dining area near the counter. For lunch; Deo had Pork Sisig at Php160.00 & Cookies & Cream Shake, James & Ryner had Battered Chicken at Php190.00 while James had Cookies & Cream Shake like Kuya Deo, Ryner opted for Charlie Java. Miya had Lechon Kawali for Php 160 & Peanut Coffee, I had Salt & Pepper Beef Ribs for Php175.00 & Amaretto Shake. Lola Auring went for Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu for Php240.00. A cup of rice is only Php20.00 which is very reasonable with the ambience that the café exudes.

Just before we left, Lola Auring wants something sweet and so we tried the Yema Cake for Php70.00. While sharing over the Yema Cake, we had fun joking with Lola, telling her that they do not allow take-out and that she has finish her Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu. So she asked Ryner to finish it for her. AMCOOP had take-out but charges Php 10.00 for the microwavable container, which I gladly pay because I also want to advocate the elimination of the use of plastic cellophanes.

After our hearty & fun lunch, we went for some grocery shopping at Gaisano Mall Polomolok.

Browie Faces his Fear of Entering Shakey’s

Growing up, Shakey’s is a big thing for me. Mama Net and Ma’ Be used to treat me and Sissy to Shakey’s after Sunday church service. Nowadays, eating out with Browie becomes a tradition for me every time I make delivery to General Santos City.
Shakey’s at one time was a fear for Browie. The first time he attended a party held at Shakey’s, he was surprised to see CAPT. SHAKEY’s standing in front of him, big and strong, that he slowly moved back behind the line. And from then on he do not want to eat at Shakey’s, there was even a time that he would stand still seeing Jollibee and Ronald McDonalds when caught off guard. It was a fear for mascots that CAPT. SHAKEY’s experience got him.
Finally, after almost eating in all SM City General Santos Restaurants, I got him to eat at Shakey’s. For lunch we had; 3 pcs. Chicken and Mojo, Thin Crust Classic Cheese, Strawberry Yoghurt, Blueberry Yoghurt and a take-out of Thin Crust Belly Buster.
The food before us took away the fear of entering Shakey’s. I don’t know if the fear for mascots is gone, but I was happy to see my Browie enjoying a Shakey’s treat for him.


Shakey’s is located at the Ground Floor, SM General Santos Fountain Area.