Sunday, October 30, 2016

What's Cooking? Guilt Free Chicharon

Who does not love chicharon? Crunchy, crackling goodness pork skin with suka is heaven. But then I started or I have been trying to opt for a healthier ME. A few days ago on my regular grocery day, I came across oyster mushrooms. That made me excited to try making a guilt-free chicharon using out fat fillet recipe.
And it was a BIG  HIT, to Mama Dora and Browie. While frying, expecting to see fried one the kitchen towel to drain excess oil, it ends up emptied every time I put in a new batch.
Still on developing it, but I am way too excited that we can have a healthier version of chicharon with oyster mushroom. 

ND Series: DMD Chikaan Food Corner

ND Series are posts on the different food hubs in NDSM and NDMU Complex. The complex is dotted with snack houses and restos that are student friendly.
DMD Chikaan Food Corner, is located in the NDMU Complex, from the gate entrance ND Siena campus, NDMU complex is on the left side of the gate. I came to know about DMD from our Ate Nene, for their burgers were reasonably priced.
Examination day is my time to wait and fetched Browie from school. On the second day of their 2nd Periodical Exam, I brought and waited for him, since I am doing errands of my monthly bills. Done with errands, I still have an hour to wait for the Browie. I went to DMD Chikaan Food Corner, to buy Browie his after exam snacks but I ended up ordering the Charcoal Roasted Coffee.
I ordered Cheese Burger with Egg at Php 47.00 for take-out and a cup of Charcoal Roasted Coffee at Php 30.00. Their menu has rice meals, soft-served ice cream, cold drinks and burgers. I was able to take a few bites of the burger and I can say that it's the real thing, no extenders, making it a good choice. For the coffee, I am not a fan of 3-in-1 coffee, I was just curious what a charcoal roasted coffee.
DMD Chikaan Food Corner is perfect for students with its student friendly prices.

Sunday Family Lunch: Mesa Filipino Moderne

It's a Sunday and the 2nd Granny's day out lunch, minus Deo and Ryner. Thoughts for the moment, we sometimes get too busy with many other things and we failed to make the commitment we have to our family.
Days ago, I read somewhere that as a Christian, we should never say we are busy, because God gave us the time that is enough for all the things we need to do. It awakens me to the truth, that I become too comfortable with my "I AM BUSY" syndrome. It's the very reason why I went to go for another Granny's Lunch Out date minus the others. Lola's getting older by the day and the memories we can have with her is something that no amount of tears later can cover up for those moments that you could have made with her.
It was our second visit to Mesa, the first one was for Ate Nene's birthday more than a year ago. This time we had; Baked Scallops with Butter, Chicken Binakol, Patotim, Inihaw Sampler, Bagoong Rice and Calamasi Shake.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gernil's Farm School for Practical Agriculture

It was an unofficial visit, hehe, unofficial in the sense that we did not made contact ahead of our visit. And the visit was a spur of the moment, because Ate Amy, Mama's friend from D.A. Head Office in Nueva Ecija came to visit us. With where near to go that is related to her field, we made a quick visit to Gernil's Farm.
Gernil's Farm School for Practical Agriculture is a privately owned farm in Bo.7 or Topland, Koronadal City. Had you watched AgriTayo by Ruben  Gonzaga in ABS-CBN Regional Network, Mr. Cordero, the owner of Gernil's Farm was featured not a long time ago.
The visit was very educational, especially now that I am learning more on how to develop a sustainable and organic farm. I was able to see how Mr. Cordero was able to integrate animal raising and plant and vegetable production. It would have been more educational had we came  with Mr. Cordero around.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Back in the Bukid

Farming is a noble proffession that sent my parents to school and was able to give the kind of life that we now enjoy. And to be back to how and where our whole family started is my way of saying THANK YOU to my Lolo Indo. It was my Lolo's bold decision, to farm the land of his father in Lunen, that gave us the kind  life we have now.
Four years ago, I tried developing the farm with my father, but then, I felt like I was not yet ready for this venture. Until things come into perspective, knowing its the right time to start. 
After more than a month, having Manong and Manang at the farm. We saw great changes in our goats and we are able to start  pasteur raising chicken. Around their bahay kubo, they started planting "sitaw," "upo" and alugbati.
All these makes me excited to visit the farm every weekend.
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