Planting Ginger and Farm Life on Holy Thursday

Kuya Totong and Kuya Ene planting ginger, its planted they way you plant corn
Restrictions from Mama Nette and Sissy to avoid the farm makes Papa a little bit uneasy. Once a farmer always a farmer, who will never settle to receiving updates from our farm help, he needs to see the real deal, if ok is really ok.
Restrictions, sorry he needs to see and be at the farm

Holy Thursday becomes a farm day for us. We sliced ginger to used as planting materials. This is something I and Sissy used to do back then, when Papa will leave sacks of ginger during summer for us to slice. Anyway, we have about two tons of ginger available now, as planting materials. If you are looking for ginger, you can contact us anytime if you want to buy ginger.
Spending time at the farm is a breather for us. And what I love most about the farm now is the vegetables that we can harvest and bring home. Right now we have; kalabasa, kangkong and sampalok, that I used in making tamarind juice.

Cutting Kangkong

Lunch at the farm is always the best. It also becomes a work-out for us. Weeding the peanut and cowpeas sweat us out for free. The farm is a big gym for me and Browie.

Browie watering his pomegranate, he and Mama planted 18 of these

cowpeas patch

peanut patch

This is it, sweating it out without paying for a gym membership

Evening was spent writing my reflections on the 3rd Word of Jesus Seven Last Words on the Cross