Mai Reads

Some of my James Patterson Novels

My passion for reading started with Mama Dora, I remember reading my first Bible stories with her. And reading on my own the first few  phrases "today I eat meat"  (to-day I e-at me-at), haha. Just following my teacher to read by syllables.
In my elementary years you will see me rummaging in our school library, fighting over copies of Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys.
Comes highschool, I started my collection of Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley University. And of course my Precious Heart Romances Series.....Kristine series and Bud Brothers, Hahaha
College and living on my own in Iloilo City, weekends were spent on reading marathons. This time I have collected all Sidney Shieldon Novels. My first Sidney Shieldon novel is Master of the Game, I read it overnight. Why I love her novels? It's the female heroine in his novel, women power indeed.
After my college years, working and a budding law student, I am at the moment completing my James Patterson and John Grisham novels.